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Last night I spoke to two friends in San Francisco (on general principles) and a friend in Phoenix (because he's getting married), and for some reason, in the course of all three conversations, the Hulk was mentioned. I don't know if something about me draws people into conversations about the Hulk, or whether I just happen to know a lot of people who are peripherally interested in the Hulk, but it just struck me as sort of odd. I have a feeling that at my funeral, Galactus will be mentioned in the eulogy.

The great thing about the Hulk (and here I refer to the retarded "bah, why puny humans not leave Hulk alone" version) is that he was not only the most powerful creature on earth, but was also completely guileless. He smashed, he crushed, he singlehandedly sustained the construction trade in the southwestern United States for decades, and you couldn't really get too upset because, hey, Hulk just wanted to be left alone. No matter how many times he came around to wreck up the place, you really just had to roll your eyes and sigh and bust out the Swiffer, because, well, he couldn't help it. You were dealing with the World's Strongest Special Needs Child.

And, of course, this gave him carte blanche to mock people's appearance openly and still come across as sympathetic. No matter how often he called people Rock Face, Green Hair or Metal Head, they just chuckled indulgently. I mean, if I called my co-workers Walrus Face or Girl Hands, I'd get fired in five seconds flat, and probably punched as well. But the Hulk could get away with it, because he didn't know any better.

Also because he could turn you into free-floating bone powder with a flick of his wrist.
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