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Something about movies

Saw "Scotland, PA" last night, the adaptation of 'Macbeth' set in 1970s small-town Pennsylvania where there's Bad Company on every stereo and what's at stake is a dinky fast food restaurant. It wasn't without its flaws, but all in all it was a pretty damn good little movie: a bunch of terrific performances, plenty of funny moments, great '70s set design and feel, and a successful evocation of the source material in all the salient points.

Christopher Walken was it it. He's even creepy when he's trying not to be. His character (he played the relentless MacDuff as a new-agey vegetarian police detective, forever making jokes that don't get off the ground and listening to self-help tapes in his little car) is simultaneously single-minded and hapless. and the last shot of the movie is a bathetic hoot.

Good movie, says I. Somehow it escapes the "no Shakespeare adaptation gets made unless Julia Stiles is in it" rule. I'm thinking of writing a Shakespeare adaptation myself, just to annoy people.
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