Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

JUSTICE LEAGUE: An Opera in Three Acts

Act I

Prelude (“Snap when you’re happy”)
Act I, Scene 1: “Where are my glasses?”
Act I, Scene 2: “Ere I were grim” (duet w/Batmite)
Act I, Scene 3: “Stop looking at my spangles”
Act I, Scene 4: “No evil shall escape my – hey, give that back”
Act I, Scene 5: “My seagoing friends”
Act I, Scene 6: “For my people, fire and death; for me, an Oreo”
Act I, Scene 7: Dance of the mincing Queen
Act I, Scene 8: “Comes the shrunken Dr. Palmer”
Act I, Scene 9: “His flying mace of justice”
Act I, Scene 10: “His wife’s flying mace of justice”
Act I, Scene 11: “Lamp these gams, fellas”
Act I, Scene 12: “I have a nose for trouble”
Act I, Scene 13: “We can share fishnets!” (duet w/Zatanna)
Act I, Scene 14: “Hey, guys, I’m here too”

Act II

Interlude (The coming of Starro)
Act II, Scene 1: “Boy, this place is kind of a dump”
Act II, Scene 2: “I mean, why Detroit?”
Act II, Scene 3: “And what’s with the breakdancing kid?”
Act II, Scene 4: “Seriously”
Act II, Scene 5: “Fucking Aquaman, this is all his fault.”
Act II, Scene 6: Jujitsu with the Flash
Act II, Scene 7: “Come on, you guys, it’s a goddamn starfish for Crissakes”
Act II, Scene 8: The return of Batman (“Party’s over”)


Interlude (Antarctica)
Act III, Scene 1: Fire and Ice’s ambiguously lesbian tango
Act III, Scene 2: “Do you have these skirts in a size 22?”
Act III, Scene 3: “Now is good for criminals to shy from running!” (duet w/Rocket Red No. 4)
Act III, Scene 4: “G’nort peed on the console again”
Act III, Scene 5: “In blackest day, in darkest night, show us your tits”
Act III, Scene 6: “Shut up, Booster”
Act III, Scene 7: “Bwah ha ha ha ha”
Act III, Scene 8: Amanda Waller sings
Tags: comics, laffs

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