Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


I have all this freelance stuff (it's Annual Local Music Roundup Time for one of the rags who employs me, and I gots to interview Andrew Bird and Qualo and Pelican and Lesser Birds of Paradise and Pugslee Atomz and Cage and a whole bunch other dopes), plus somehow I am editing most of the next issue of the High Hat and if I mess it up thehighhat and whambiguous will beat me with fireplace tongs. So there will be even less interesting material in here than normal for a while.

1. "Stream Running Over", Apples in Stereo. Beatlesy!
2. "Forced Love", Sebadoh. Angst-ridden!
3. "A Simple Twist of Fate", Bob Dylan. Dylanesque!
4. "If I Had a Gun", the Dead Milkmen. Deaniac!
5. "All I Need", Jay-Z. Jiggarific!
6. "Never There", Cake. Dial-toney!
7. "La Via della Droga M6", Goblin. Italotronic!
8. "No More", the Lyres. Rockin'!
9. "Destination Moon", They Might Be Giants. Nerdy!
10. "Glazed", Sue Garner. Hott!
11. "Too Late", Yo la Tengo. Distorted!
12. "Stem/Long Stem/Transmission 2", DJ Shadow. Turntabletastic!
13. "Relax", the Who. Relaxing!
14. "Dignified and Old", the Modern Lovers. Nasal!
15. "Ten Li Po Lyrics: A Midnight Farewell", Harry Partch. Spooky!
16. "Citizen Kane: Main Theme/Suite", Bernard Herrmann. Lengthy!
17. "Southern Mark Smith", the Jazz Butcher. Awesome!
18. "Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas", Okkervil River. Depressing!
19. "Isla de Encanta", the Pixies. Bootlegged!
20. "I Fought the Law", the Clash. Britpunk'd!
21. "One Life One Love", Hieroglyphics. Coastal!
22. "Tropical Fish Revival", Barry Black. Instrumental!
23. "Live from NY", Raekwon. Hardcore!
24. "Queen of Cans and Jars", Guided by Voices. Lo-fi!
25. "White Lady Loves You More", Elliott Smith. Addicted!
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