Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Dingbat promenade

Lileks is pretty funny this week. He's on jury duty, and he keeps sputtering out frustrated queries as to why he never gets picked for service while simutaneously demonstrating beyong a shadow of a doubt why no attorney could possibly want him on a jury: he mentions five times in the space of two columns that he's the only one in the jury pool wearing a tie (and an American flag pin!), he twice makes spelling and grammar corrections to the "Thought of the Day" display on the jury room TVS -- and I don't mean he makes them to us, the reader; I mean he goes and forces the hapless court clerks to fix them; and he incessantly judges the other potential jurors on their appearance and behavior, such as watching DVDs instead of reading a highbrow book on Renaissance art like his, or smiling too much. Crankdom surrounds and suffuses Jimmy as a hiker is surrounded by forest, but all he can see are the lovely individual trees of his discernment and refinery.

Meanwhile, over at Town Hall, it's "The Only Racism is Racism Against Whites" Day, as column after column scrambles to deny that the massive abandonment of and disproportionate fatalities among poor blacks was anything but a wacky coincidence, and that anyone suggesting that the people currently occupying the White House might feel less than warmly towards the nation's lower-income darkies are nothing but racial hucksters of the basest type. But for real fun, take a knee before John McCaslin (who informs us that Monica Lewinsky is fat, stupid and pathetic), Marvin Olasky (who urges Christians to follow the example not of Christ, but of a fictional sociopath who specialized in beating and killing people), and Suzanne Fields (who manages to make more errors in an article about the evils of multiculturalism than I would have thought possible).

By the way, am I using the words 'lovely' and 'dingbat' too much? I worry that I'm starting to sound like Mel from Alice if he were a gay Victorian antiques dealer.
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