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I'm supremely busy today, but I HAD to post this for all my Chicago heads, because HOLY SHIT:

Jandek is playing Chicago on Thursday, at the Empty Bottle. Tickets on sale now at

Acid Mother's Temple cancels, JANDEK mysteriously appears

Unfortunately, due to complications relating to some visa issues, ACID MOTHER'S TEMPLE have had to cancel their September 22nd appearance. Unbelievably, mysterious cult legend JANDEK has agreed to perform instead. This is, holy shit, as big as it gets folks. Perhaps the most enigmatic man in music, JANDEK has been, mysteriously, issuing albums for nearly thirty years with nary a word to the outside world. In a bewildering twist, JANDEK made his very first live appearance last year, unannounced to the larger world of course, and done so with no advanced fanfare. He has since agreed to only a handful of live performances, so one can't be sure when to expect the next. JANDEK will open the show on Thursday September 22nd performing promptly at nine. As we've said, it doesn't really get much more exciting than this. Tickets purchased for ACID MOTHER'S TEMPLE will of course be honored.

Okay, I have NO MONEY for this and NO TIME TO DO IT. But god fucking damn it. It's JANDEK. Playing LIVE. In CHICAGO. I can't not go, right? Someone tell me not to go. Please.
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