Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
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Lazy Wednesday

So you get a bunch of retarded links.

First off, how about some evidence that the country is being run by completely fucking morons? American intelligence officials consult with author of idiotic bestseller on gematria. Coming up next, the White House brings in a dowser to help find Osama bin-Laden.

A grim estimation of what war in Iraq might look like by a Russian military 'expert'.

It's 2003, and Christian fundamentalists still hate rock ‘n’ roll. From the "Rock & Roll Deathstyle" section of this profoundly dorky site:

"It would be impossible to make a complete list, but here are a few of the ‘associates’ of rock: drug addicts, revolutionaries, rioters, Satan worshippers, drop-outs, draft-dodgers, homosexuals and other sex deviates, rebels, juvenile criminals, Black Panthers and White Panthers, motorcycle gangs, blasphemers, suicides, heathenism, voodooism, phallixism, Communism in the United States (Communist Russian outlawed rock music around 1960), paganism, lesbianism, immorality, demonology, promiscuity, free love, free sex, disobedience (civil and uncivil), sodomy, venereal disease, discotheques, brothels, orgies of all kinds, night clubs, dives, strip joints, filthy musicals such as ‘Hair’ and ‘Uncle Meat’; and on and on the list could go almost indefinitely."

Phallixism! Drop-outs! DISCOTHEQUES!

Meanwhile, over at Town Hall, Michelle "Daughter of Immigrants" Malkin says that sure, all the France-bashing is fun, but the people we REALLY should be bashing are the MEXICANS! After all, as long as we're trashing our closest allies in pursuit of a ridiculous war, we might as well focus on one of our nearest neighbors. Let's look at Michelle's well-reasoned argument:

"soft-on-terror, fence-sitting, fair-weather friend...has left (Bush) twisting in the wind...meddling minions at consulates across America have been systematically undermining our own sovereignty and borders...aggressively pushing for illegal alien students...remains against us in so many other ways...a shameful refuge for scores of suspected fugitive equivocal tail-tucker...vacillating neighbor...dumping tequila and tacos down the drain...neither political party in Washington has the guts to stand up and call Mexico what it out the weasel next door."

Hey, let's just alienate EVERYBODY! We're America. We don't need allies.
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