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Chicago's proud of you

Thanks to the ministrations of my very fine friend Claire Zulkey, I was able to go to the White Sox game yesterday. It's the fouth White Sox post-season game I've attended, and the first where I've gotten to see a win. And not just a win -- not just the first post-season home win for the Pale Hose in 46 years -- but a key series win (a rout, even) against the extremely dangerous hitters of the Boston Red Sox. It's too soon to get cocky, since the Carmines have proven more than capable of stomping the shit out of good teams even after being down 0-3, but man. The mood in that place after the win, heading to the Red Line with thousands of other Sox fans -- just pure jubilance, sheer joy, and one of the best times I've ever had. Claire thinks I'll badmouth her in this space for leaving early to go to class (ha ha, Claire, what a grind), but I really can't thank her enough for treating me to the experience at a time I really needed some cheering up. My friends are all right.

As if further proof were needed, Claire's boyfriend Steve Delahoyde also invited me out last night to attend a Chicago Underground Comedy show at Gunther Murphy's. I'd love to say that it was unreservedly great, but honestly, it's stand-up comedy. If your hit-to-miss ratio is better than 50-1, you've gotten lucky. But, seeing people stink is almost as much fun as seeing people kill, and there was at least one absolutely terrific performer: the greatest-ever Chicago-by-way-of-Pakistan comic of all time, Kumail Nanjiani. Steve is also always good company, and he was kind enough to help ease my loss by bad-mouthing his own girlfriend non-stop while people were trying to perform. Never have I so enjoyed someone screaming "tarted-up web floozy" so loudly while people told jokes about Empire Carpet.

And as long as I'm talking about my swell friends, I remind all Chicagoans to come out to Logan Square tomorrow and/or Friday night to Vaudeville Underground. It's the excellent monthly showcase of local variety acts, and my pals Lara and Jeff will be performing swell morbid country songs by their band, Urban Inbreed. It's at the lovely Glade Memorial Hall at 2640 W. Altgeld, tomorrow and Friday nights at 7:30PM, and is always a good time. So show up, punks, and see the big man cry.
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