Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Bad Roll

So, the White Sox "won" last night. You'd expect me to be happy, given how I live and die with this team, but most of last night, I was miserable. Why? Because the Sox played like shit the whole game (the offense, that is -- Mark Buehrle pitched and unbelievably good game), and won anyway because of a rotten call by the incompetent Doug Eddings. Of course, Eddings was crummy all night: he called a lousy game behind the plate, and he botched the call at home plate where Aaron Rowand would have given the Sox the lead anyway. But the Sox didn't deserve to win, at least not like that. If it had been the White Sox who'd gotten screwed that way, I'd be absolutely livid. I'd have had a heart attack. I'd hate the Angels forever and I'd never forget what a shit umpire Eddings is.

But you know what? Today, I'm okay with it. So my team won because the umpires gave them an extra out. So their offense has played like a AA team for two games. Fuck it, they still won, and that's good, and even if I'm inexplicably miserable about the way it happened, I couldn't do anything about it even if I wanted to. It's in the books and there's no do-overs and if nothing else, at least it was the umpires' fault instead of my team's. Baseball's a game of inches, and I've seen blue fuck up so many times in a way that hurt us that I can't feel too bad about one time it helped us, no matter what a bad taste it leaves in everybody's mouth. And besides, as I always say when there's a close deciding play, if the team that comes out on the losing end had just taken care of business all along, it wouldn't even be an issue. If the Angels had been up 3-1, none of this would have mattered.

So, I'm glad my team won, even though it was the shabbiest kind of win. I understand why everyone in LA -- hell, everyone in America outside Chicago -- is pissed about it, but it's not the White Sox's fault. Go Sox, bring on game 3, and let's hear it again.
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