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Ashton Kutcher: The gift that keeps on giving

I'm a bad person and I'm going to hell, but...

Ashton's Art Imitates Life

Ashton Kutcher's latest project is a lot like life--his own, that is.

The Punk'd purveyor is producing a sitcom pilot for Fox titled
30 Year Old Grandpa about a younger man who marries an older woman and becomes the stepfather to her children, who are close to his own age.

Kutcher, 27, obviously has some firsthand experience with the subject matter. Last month, the
That '70s Show star wed erstwhile Brat Packer Demi Moore, 42, and assumed the role of stepfather to Rumer, 17, Scout, 14, and Tallulah, 11 -- Moore's children from her marriage to Bruce Willis.

Okay, I think we can all agree that this will be the greatest sitcom in the history of television, but surely we can come up with a better title than 30 Year Old Grandpa. Let's try!

No One Told Me About Hot Flashes
Yes, MOM
Changing Rumer
My So-Called Wife
Wearin' Off the Novelty!
The Short End of the Double Standard
Generation Gap'd
How I Tried Very Hard Not to Fuck My Step-daughter
What Bruce Knows That I Don't
We'll Take the Senior Discount

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