Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Okay, that's enough vaporing for today

by Leonard Pierce, age 4

Ivan MacDougall’s Thrifty Russian
(featured special: Scotch Faberge Eggs)

Le Onde Micro: Where the Elite Meat to Reheat
(featured special: Boulettes de Poisson a la Gorton’s)

Sysco’s Institutional Taqueria
(featured special: Asylum-Grade Nacho Platter)

Danny Danger’s Donut Dome
(featured special: Lord Lucifer’s Helly-Jelly Donuts with Habanero Filling)

Billy Junior’s (The Restaurant For Kids, By Kids)
(featured special: Applesauce-Peas-Noodles-Discarded Leaves Casserole)

Jeb Schwartzmann’s Not-Too-Jewish Deli
(featured special: the Glad To Be Goy Sandwich: lite mayo over ‘Power-Kraut’ [shredded lettuce] and ‘Never-Wurst’ [soy-based imitation bologna])

P.R. O’Businessplan’s
(featured special: Chef’s Subject-to-Corporate-Approval Regularly Scheduled Focus-Group Surprise)

Paisano’s of Iowa City
(featured special: macaroni & cheese with extra salt)

Julie Wu’s Commie Kitchen
(featured special: The Gang of Four Happiness Stir-Fry)

(featured special: Titty Wings)

Home Run K. Touchdown’s Sports Bar For Guys and Créperie
(featured special: Gooseberry Crépes Hollandaise with Slam-Dunk Hole In One Penis Sauce)

The Crackpot Café: A Themed Dining Facility for Families Who Like Conspiracies
(featured special: Magic Bullet Chicken with Third Gunman Roll and Grassy Knoll Salad)

Naturally, I welcome your potty tissue patience.
Tags: eats, laffs

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