Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


More proof that I'd win every LJ rhyme battle, if there were such things and I wasn't a fat white guy with no flow:

If I’d been a hippie I’d been a nasty hippie
No flower power shit and you bet your bippy
While others got trippy with some blonde San Fran chippie
With her hair done like Pippi and her ideas all drippy
Best believe I’d get lippy, I might even come quippy
I’da chewed up your ass like hamburger by Rippy
Give the P-O the slippy ‘til they come up all gimpy
And stagger off limpy, never more call me wimpy
I’da been straight-up pimpy, been the Moe to your Shempy
Treat MC Ren like Stimpy, blow you up like a Blimpie
You’ll scream “Oh, the humanity” as I shatter your vanity
Though you huff and you puff and blow hard like Sean Hannity
You move like a manatee, I fear for your sanity
Can it be that your rhymes should be sent to a tannery?
Or maybe a cannery? ‘Cause they’re canned, like the laughter
That you get from the crowd whose applause you are after
Though they’re packed to the rafters, still you steal like a grafter
Told your girl she’d get diamonds, but the mine’s tapped, you shaft her
The draft that you’re dodging comes straight out of my window
You’ll get filled with formaldehyde, and not from no indo
Su caro no lindo, I’ll crush it with kendo
Your game is outdated like a Super Nintendo
Or maybe Coleco
I’ll beat you like Biko
I wrestle with freestyles, while you’re strictly Greco
You fell off like rap was a bike and you’re Nico
Now I am the Man, motherfucker, you’re Chico
So I’ll send your ass packing back to Puerto Rico
Tags: music

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