Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

What I need to cleans my palate is some iPod nonsense

Under the cut, for the protection of rum_holiday and other people who are understandably bored silly by this sort of thing.

ACCOMPLISHED: “The Blue Wrath”, I Monster
AGGRAVATED: “It’s Not Happening”, the Ass Ponys*
AMUSED: “What We’ve Learned”, McLusky
ANGRY: “Misery Goats”, Pere Ubu
ANNOYED: “Afro Puffs”, the Lady of Rage
ANXIOUS: “The Coolest Hurt”, Sentridoh
APATHETIC: “O Death”, Ralph Stanley**
ARTISTIC: “Snowbound”, Black Sabbath
AWAKE: “Friends of Mine”, the Zombies
BITCHY: “Mailman”, the Jesus Lizard
BLAH: “My Friend Roger”, the Babylon Dance Band
BLANK: “Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School”, Warren Zevon
BORED: “20,000-Gun Salute”, the Coup
BOUNCY: “Bugs (Take 3)”, Charles Mingus*
BUSY: “Gangsta Lean”, the Gourds
CALM: “One Note Song”, Tenacious D
CHEERFUL: “Death’s Light”, Urban Inbreed**
CHIPPER: “Karen Koltrane”, Sonic Youth
COLD: “Adult World”, Today Is The Day
COMPLACENT: “Dreader Than Dread”, Soundmurderer & SK1
CONFUSED: “Soul Love”, David Bowie
CONTEMPLATIVE: “Daddy’s Cup”, the Drive-By Truckers
CONTENT: “The Fantabulous Rap Extravaganza”, Deltron 3030
CRANKY: “Lights Out”, the Auteurs
CRAPPY: “Mother Nature’s Son”, the Beatles
CRAZY: “The al-Aq’sa Intifada”, Muslimgauze & the Rootsman*
CREATIVE: “I Don’t Sleep, I Dream”, R.E.M.*
CRUSHED: “When I See an Elephant Fly”, Robbie Fulks***
CURIOUS: “Standing by the Sea”, Hüsker Dü
CYNICAL: “Flashlight”, Parliament
DEPRESSED: “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt”, DJ Shadow
DETERMINED: “One of These Days”, the Velvet Underground*
DEVIOUS: “Ska Town”, Prince Buster
DIRTY: “Aneurysm”, Nirvana
DISAPPOINTED: “Love Song”, Ofra Haza
DISCONTENT: “Operation: Greenbacks”, MF Doom
DISTRESSED: “Some Kind of Fun”, the Ass Ponys
DITZY: “The Distant Wilderness”, Goodie Mob
DORKY: “Trick Mirror”, the Mountain Goats
DRAINED: “Behind Blue Eyes”, Wilco
DRUNK: “Ghetto-ology”, Goodie Mob
ECSTATIC: “Sleep Deeper”, Uzeda*
EMBARRASSED: “Horse”, the Dirty Three**
ENERGETIC: “Soldier”, Neil Young**
ENRAGED: “Their Early Years”, the Residents
ENTHRALLED: “The Styles Crew Flows Beats”, Peanut Butter Wolf
ENVIOUS: “Musak (Steve Lawler Remix)”, Trisco
EXANIMATE: “Marilaulu”, Laika & the Cosmonauts
EXHAUSTED: “Revenge”, the Archers of Loaf
FLIRTY: “One of the Survivors”, the Kinks**
FRUSTRATED: “Name the Capitals”, Stompin’ Tom Connors***
FULL: “The Sins of My Father”, Tom Waits
GEEKY: “Comes”, Red Red Meat
GIDDY: “Candy Floss”, Wilco
GIGGLY: “Sweet Road”, Animal Collective*
GLOOMY: “Brown Skin Woman”, KRS-One**
GOOD: “Professor X”, the Arabian Prince***
GRATEFUL: “Finest Worksong”, R.E.M.
GROGGY: “Sex Bomb”, Flipper
GRUMPY: “Number Two”, the Pernice Brothers
GUILTY: “Water Into Wine”, the Handsome Family
HAPPY: “Café Batik”, the Sun City Girls**
HIGH: “Stand Up and Be Counted”, Venom
HOPEFUL: “Jealous of Jesus”, Sebadoh**
HORNY: “Suburban Dialectic”, the Minutemen**
HOT: “Cutlass”, the Goblins
HUNGRY: “Driving Guitars (Ventures Twist)”, the Ventures
HYPER: “Hotel Detective (She Was A)”, They Might Be Giants*
IMPRESSED: “Shimmy”, System Of A Down
INDESCRIBABLE: “Hi-Billy Music”, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys
INDIFFERENT: “Tickled Pink”, Tuscadero**
INFURIATED: “Tears of Rage”, the Band*
INTIMIDATED: “Half a Canyon”, Pavement
IRATE: “White Girl”, X
IRRITATED: “Pray to the Junkiemaker”, Fishbone
JEALOUS: “Measuring Cups”, Andrew Bird
JUBILANT: “David Watts”, the Jam
LAZY: “Rockstar”, Z-Trip**
LETHARGIC: “When I Was a Kid”, Robyn Hitchcock
LISTLESS: “Blue Spark”, X**
LONELY: “Martin’s Story”, the Minutemen
LOVED: “I Don’t See You”, Camper van Beethoven**
MELANCHOLY: “Life is a Gamble”, Preacher*
MELLOW: “Proteck ya Neck II: the Zoo”, Ol’ Dirty Bastard**
MISCHIEVOUS: “Intro”, Kanye West
MOODY: “Super Bad, Parts 1 & 2”, James Brown**
MOROSE: “Pulp Wars”, Dekoboko Hajime & Yamantaka Eye
NAUGHTY: “Hit ‘em Hard”, Brassy*
NAUSEATED: “Faust (Version 1)”, Paul Williams
NERDY: “Some Velvet Morning”, Thin White Rope
NERVOUS: “Something Else”, Sue Garner
NOSTALGIC: “Blackula”, Tash
NUMB: “Cyco Vision”, Suicidal Tendencies***
OKAY: “Crown of Storms”, Lightning Bolt
OPTIMISTIC: “Sovay”, Andrew Bird*
PEACEFUL: “Police in Helicopter”, Yellowman**
PENSIVE: “Dirt”, the Stooges
PESSIMISTIC: “Happy Jack”, the Who**
PISSED OFF: “Son of Byford”, Run-D.M.C.
PLEASED: “Mama Told Me Not to Come”, Three Dog Night**
PREDATORY: “The Indifference of Heaven”, Warren Zevon
PRODUCTIVE: “Busta’s Outro”, Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott
QUIXOTIC: “Little Trouble Girl”, Sonic Youth
RECUMBENT: “Danke Schön”, Wayne Newton
REFRESHED: “See You When I See You”, Goodie Mob
REJECTED: “Summer Babe (Winter Version)”, Pavement
REJUVENATED: “Burger Christ”, Dead Hot Workshop
RELAXED: “Speeding Motorcycle”, Yo la Tengo feat. Daniel Johnston
RELIEVED: “Climbing Up the Walls”, Radiohead**
RESTLESS: “Do It for the Sensitive Guy”, New Radiant Storm King
RUSHED: “Butter”, A Tribe Called Quest
SAD: “My Little Red Book”, Love*
SATISFIED: “Rockaway Beach”, the Ramones
SCARED: “Dead City Centres”, Ulver*
SHOCKED: “Ghosts of a Different Dream”, Guided By Voices
SICK: “Hippy Chix”, Camper van Beethoven
SILLY: “Ten Stars”, Uzeda
SLEEPY: “Only a Lad”, Oingo Boingo
SORE: “Not Happy”, Pere Ubu*
STRESSED: “Ladle”, Vic Chesnutt
SURPRISED: “Scarborough Fair/Canticle”, Simon & Garfunkel
SYMPATHETIC: “Last Trumpet”, Lyrics Born feat. Lateef the Truth Speaker)
THANKFUL: “Nothing”, Robyn Hitchcock**
THIRSTY: “The Cheat”, the Clash
THOUGHTFUL: “Never Ending Math Equation”, Modest Mouse*
TIRED: “Weighted Down (The Prison Song)”, Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence
TOUCHED: “Death Travels West”, the Embarrassment
UNCOMFORTABLE: “Ship of Fools”, the Residents*
WEIRD: “Pressure Drop”, the Maytals*
WORKING: “1969”, the Stooges***
WORRIED: “Bukom Mashie”, Oscar Sulley & the Uhuru Dance Band

*: Hey, iPod! This is kinda appropriate, good lucky job on you!
**: Hey, iPod! This is totally inappropriate, you dumb machine!
***: Hey, iPod! This is sort of funny to no one but me!
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