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I read Hannidate profiles so you don', wait, you DO have to

I'm Scott Tinley, I have one of those easy going personalities, very low maintenance. I work part time in student work program at Redstone Arsenal with the Army, and I also work at Abercrombie & Fitch. I spend my time hanging out with friends and playing piano and working out. I love it! Piano and the weight room are my venting tools. I am currently pursuing a commission as an officer in the military. Probably not for a career long thing, but just a few years to get my feel and then I will more than likely do real estate investing with real estate development.

I'm a kind of stauky 5'11, not enormously muscular but as I said I like the weight room. I really don't know how to describe my hair, besides that it is brown and semi short. My clothing style is casual but sometimes dressy (depending on the occasion); I don't think I own anything besides Abercrombie & Fitch with the exception of a few Banana Republic and Express things.

I'm seeking somebody that is honest, and up front. I do not like being led on or lied to. I would rather get the truth up front rather than be lied too, as bad as the truth hurts sometimes it's better to know it (just ask Hillary Clinton). I'm seeking somebody that I have fun with that has the same conservative views as me. I'll be honest as shallow as this is I work on looks alot! I'm a guy that's the truth. But I will say that no matter what she looks like, if she doesn't have a personality and is a very unpleasant person the importance of looks tends to fade a little. I want a girl with morals, that goes along with character, I don't want a girl with no morals or values whatsoever. That would make her liberal, I don't want that.

Hi there. I just happened to see this on the Hannity website so I thought I'd create a profile. I'm pretty much the "joe patriotic white guy." I'm not a scholar but I'm not an idiot either. I'm well traveled and I appreciate swapping stories with other world and U.S. travelors.

II don't wear all that fubu or abercrombie stuff. Khaki shorts/jeans and a colored shirt are about as chic as I get. Not into the crazy euro hair or anything like that.

Hi Girls. I am a Professional white male, 32 years old, very conservative in my political beliefs and a Christian. I attend a Pentecostal church and speak occasionally. I have written a Christian Book entitled "Eternal Security: Is It True?" The book refutes the teaching of Eternal Security. I am now writing my second book entitled "Liberalism and the Death of America."

! I am 5"7 and 165, brown hair and eyes. I work out and jog regularly. I like eating at places such as Outback, Chili's and Applebee's. Im easy to get along with, laid back, but like to have fun. I’m looking for a Conservative Christian Lady.

I'm just a servant.Thats what enetertainers do. I enjoy making people laugh as well as helping those who are hurting. I value friends more than anything else.In my bussiness there are not that many peple who are friendly.I look forward to talking with you if you have these same values.

If you want to see what I look like go to my show web site I promise it is a good web site and you can see the guy with blonde hair. Thats me not the hippie who is my producer.

NOOOO DRAMA! A lady who can make me blush and has a love for people as well as life.It would be great if you love traveling.Most importantly a lady who loves the Lord.Did I say enough of (importantly}. Hope we can talk. Thank you for reading this.

I'm a White Christian Conservative Male. Intelligent, warm and loving. Just a big Teddy bear! I'm easy-going, generous, and love people. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and now live in N.E. Philadelphia, PA.

I'm just a tad short of 6ft, 250lbs (down from 400lbs), Fuzzy, Warm and cuddly. I am dealing with some injuries from a Car Accident, so I'm slow moving these days... :) I'm not crippled by any means, but Tennis is DEFINITELY out. I dress simply in slacks and golf shirts mostly. My best features are my smile, and my dimples.

I'm looking for a warm, affectionate lady who has a very strong supportive/nurturing instinct. I'm looking for a best friend and a life partner who is interested in creating a life together. Who knows that a great relationship is one that stays strong no matter what comes at it, and not one where everything is perfect all the time. Chemistry is the most important. And, we'll know if we have it. I *LOVE* Science fiction and Star Trek in particular, Music, Landmark Education and Politics. I'm a big Rush, Hannity, Levin, Glenn Beck, and Laura Ingraham fan. I'm not interested in long distance relationships, so I'd prefer someone who lives within an hour of Philadelphia, PA. I *LOVE* children and small animals, and usually get along great with all of them.

I am complex, yet grounded. Intelligent, humorous, caring, passionate and creative. I grew up in Kenilworth, NJ and now reside in North Branch, NJ. I own a small company that deals with plants and also play drums and sing lead/harmony in a great, local classic rock band - just for fun and 'cheap therapy'. I have successfully raised 5 children and am ready to find someone to share the rest of my life with.

Usually, my clothing style is casual, considering what I do. When formal occasions warrant it, I can become either conservative or modern. My height really is 5'91/2" - 5'11" in sneakers or shoes. I'm realtively small framed, and have been at 170 lbs, give or take for over 12 years, with not much effort. My hair style is a little rockish (LOL) but have to keep it shortish for the corporate scene I'm in. Best features? You'll have to tell me - probably my eyes and smile.

I am looking for a confident woman who has taken care of herself enough to stay fit and trim, as difficult as that is for most as we all age. I would like her to be intelligent enough for great conversation, creative enough to keep up with me, and passionate about the things she cares about. Enthusiastic, loving intimacy is important as is that attraction/chemistry thing. And of course, she has to be Hannitized (LOL)!

I'm a talkative, gregarious and open person that can easily walk right up and make friends in a crowd of people I've never met. I'm an educator that has problems in the teaching environment because I tell the truth. I'm an AVID outdoorsman and I lead, I don't follow. I'm a church going guy, not because I dare to think I'm "Holier than thou" but because I need a moral compass to guide me through the darkness of secular humanism in todays upside down world. I come from a very stable family and was raised in Newport

I'm not hard to look at and have a great smile. I'm a cowboy.

I think I know more about what I'm NOT looking for.

I am a full-time college student and work full-time. I am also vice-chair for my schools chapter of College Republicans. I love to work with campaigns and am really tired of stupid liberal guys. I need a good strong conservative man that is not afraid to approach a girl.

I tend to dress pretty casually but can get up for the occasion if it is needed. I have to wear real clothes for work so no blue jeans all the time.

I dont know what kind of relationship I am looking for now. I love conservative guys and especially the great men who serve our country. Nothing better than a solider. I love good southern guys that still open doors and pick up the check. That doesnt mean I dont pay sometimes but guys should offer.

New to the fairly liberal desert…I'm 30 and fairly new to the Valley. I moved here earlier this year from Texas for a new job. I've got a great sense of humor (hope you like a good practical joke once in awhile) and enjoy checking out new places and scenery. I grew up in both and New York and Texas, which helped to create quite an accent as you might imagine. I still have family and friends in both. I'm probably a tough one to pin down in just a few lines....I'd enjoy watching a mindless comedy one night and perhaps an intense political discussion over a glass of wine the next. I don't have any children, but I do have two dogs that I wish I could add onto my health insurance plan. I enjoy spending time with them and taking them out to a dog park or PetsMart, until they kick us out because of the howling. As far as hobbies go, I enjoy watching all major sports (NY Giants, NY Yanks, and SA Spurs....but the AZ guys are alright too.) I enjoy playing tennis, cards, even Scrabble! I'm a huge closet car buff....I can't tell you how to fix one, but I can probably tell you everything else about it. I enjoy reading historical biographies, true crime, and a good mystery now and then. As for music, almost anything goes with the exception of rap and Tejano.

I'm actually a retired 6" runway model and I've had three breast enhancements (the first two were botched in Mexico).....okay, totally kidding. I'm 5'5 (probably short in AZ TX I was tall.) I've got blue eyes and blond hair with some reddish undertones I inherited from the Irish side of the family, I suppose. I'm real fair skinned....not exactly hip in the ol' Valley of the Sun. No tattoos, I promise.....except the ex's name on my thigh. (so kidding)

What am I looking for? Hmmm, an easier way to get around in the traffic here would be wonderful. Seriously, I am looking for someone who loves to laugh and just have a great time no matter what...Someone who understands there's a balance between seriousness and humor...Someone who can help me forget about a really hectic day at work...Someone who shares similar viewpoints...Someone with an unquestionably solid moral foundation...Someone who doesn't have any addiction issues or emotional baggage...and last but not least, sorry for the cliche and the recent movie title....someone who likes dogs (animals.)

I'm a Catholic republican who loves to have crazy fun. I'm honest and respect other honest people. I believe in the Bible then the Constitution of the United States. Yes I'm a conservative, but never boring or ridged. Looking to get to know like minded people.

My hair is long and dark. My skin is very fair. Mostly I hear that I have great eyes. My type of dress depends on the situation.

I'm looking to get to know people who are like minded. I am so tired of the same old stories.

I tend to like the simple things in life.... probably one of the more unpretentious people you'll meet. I like the outdoors, but usually seem to have to work.... ick – that whole "survival" thing! eeeeew. i'd MUCH rather play! :) family and friends are everything to me! for fun, I like everything -- well, almost - at least i like reading, playing piano, computers, fishing, gardening, home projects, crochet, cooking (i have a bad habit of experimenting with new recipies), and just hanging out talking, learning, and especially laughing! i'm TOTALLY a "dog" person, tho at the moment all i have is a couple fish. my faith is a huge part of my life - so if we blend there then that's a good start! :)

I tend to be pretty casual (ok, it's a california thing). so I tend to be jeans & t-shirt or business casual, tho i'm not adverse to the whole concept of dressing up! :)

I'm looking for someone who has an old-fashioned sense - where a man's a man, and a woman's a woman. there are differences, and those differences are GOOD! :) well, if you read the "about me" section, and you're thinking that that sounds sorta like you.... well - we'll probably get along... if you're willing to venture out to the firing range or the archery range with me, we might even get along better! hehehehhe .... oh yeah - don't forget to smile today! *hugs*

I'm originally from Memphis, but moved to Nashville in '96. I love it! I work for a great locally owned bank and have a great position that allows me many opportunities to meet a lot of people.!

Monday thur Friday I'm all business, but come friday evening I'm ready for the town or country. I can do either. I usually dress conservative UNLESS I have someone to dress for.

I would like someone who's interested in conservative politics, some travel. Someone who at some point would like to make a committment and maybe a lifetime committment. I definately want a Christian, God fearing, Ronald Regan type male.

The first thing you need to know about me is that I'm a Christian - it's important to me to build a relationship with a man who's also a Christian. That should be the first thing we have in common. I come from a big family, and I'm fortunate to have plenty of nieces and nephews nearby. I have fun doing a lot of different things, as long as I have friend(s) to do them with.

I suppose I fall under the general category of Average when it comes to looks: nothing spectacular, but not unpleasant, either. The latest fashions are ludicrous - I didn't like the belly button look when I was a teenager, and it's no better on the repeat cycle. I'm pretty conservative/casual in my clothing choices, both at work and home.

I've tried and failed at a few internet matching services, so I don't have high expectations for this one... but I'd like to start communication with someone. Who knows where it might lead? Since I already mentioned the primary importance of faith in Jesus Christ, here are a few characteristics I hope for in a man: sense of humor; integrity; humility; friendliness; initiative; reliability. See you at the Freedom Alliance Concert!

I am outgoing and have a zest for life !!! I believe that God has a predestined plan and assignment for each of us so therefore I have a peaceful nature. I am a Christian writer and I do love politics. I am a strong backer of President Bush and I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as much as possible. They help keep me sane in this insane world. I like the simple things in life and am very low- maintenance.

I am taller then the average female but not very tall at 5'6" and one half. Much to my dismay I have an hourglass figure. It is inherited I guess. I wanted the more lean, ong athlete's body, but I am one hundred percent girly-girl. Invaribly men like to call me "Dolly" but I put a stop to it, pronto. DO NOT CALL ME THAT !I like to dress according to my very feminine nature. Not in dresses too much. I like silks, gauze, lace, leather but am not one to call attention to myself in loud clothing. My best features are probably my green eyes and my smile, or so I am told. I have thick blonde hair that I am growing back out, it is about shoulder length which is short to me, I used to be able to sit on my hair. Trying to act my age though. It is an awkward exercise describing oneself,isn't it?

First and a priority with me is a man has to love Jesus first. That will eliminate several right away. I am very active in my church and as stated before, I am a Christian writer. Even though I am divorced after 20 years of marriage I have been re-virginized again. Not into any recreational sex or sexual talk. Morals need to be restored in this world along with a strong value system. My favorite personality trait is a sense of humor. We got to laugh at life or go crazy.No anal personalities or Type "A" guys. Looks do not matter too much because they fade anyway. At my age, priorities are more for what is on the inside. I like Texans since that is where I am from . But I want to visit places like New York City for the Broadway plays and the excitement. I live in the country though. Big city life is not for me or rather I have not experienced that lifestyle. I am open to whatever God has in mind. I would like to travel to Germany, that is where my daughter lives.
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  • The Party of What People?

    This will be my last entry of 2016.  Next year will begin, barring some unexpected act of fate, with the ascension to the presidency of Donald…

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