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Via oilyrags

Some squeaker in the Austin American Statesman complains that inappropriately sexual materials may appear on the recommended reading lists for 11th-graders in the local school district, and that will simply not do, because we can't have 17-year-olds exposed to sexual materials. Viz.:

Round Rock school board trustee Elizabeth Elleson brought to my attention "The Wind-up Bird Chronicle," which is on her daughter's 11th-grade reading list. Only seven pages into the book, I found a passage that begins with wet pubic hair and escalates into erotic detail. I'd offer quotations, but they wouldn't be appropriate for a community newspaper.

Gasp! That Haruki Murakami, why, he's nothing but a smut peddler. Teenagers should only encounter wet pubic hair in gym class, when they're showering together!

Although parents in the Round Rock school district can request that their children not read particular books, Elleson said the novel's description on the district's Web site ("From the minor event of a lost cat, the lives of a Tokyo couple unravels into a mystery") is woefully inadequate for parents to offer informed consent. She wants more accurate information and more parental input into book selections.

So, I guess a better description would be "From the minor event of a lost cat, the lives of a Tokyo couple unravels [nice copy-editing there] into a mystery which quickly descends into a morass of wet pubic hair and escalates into erotic detail." That way no one will ever have to read it!
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