Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

We like the party! We like the disco sound! Unh!

So I went to a party this weekend at the home of friends Doug and Lorrie Akin. Their house, situated on Chicago's northwest side, looks like a massive yet tidy explosion at an upscale, ultra-campy thrift store. In other words, exactly the kind of house I would like to live in if I wasn't lazy, dirty and impoverished. Their basement is tricked out into a full-on tiki bar, and it's just all so amazing I could die. They were swell hosts and brewed up lots of hot buttered rum for to numb our brains on a snowy December night. I presented them with the gift of all six of my annual Kung Fu Christmas mixes, and was given, in return, Lorrie's amazing 2005 Christmas mix, chock full of incredibly crazy old stuff she got vinyl-trawling at resale shops; I intend to crib a bunch of them for Kung Fu Christmas 2006, which I confidently predict will be even better than this year's. There was also a 'white elephant' gift exchange, during which my contribution (a "Space Commander Galaxy" raspberry syrup bottle) inexplicably turned out to be the most sought-after piece of swag. thaitea ended up with a metal race car picture frame with a stock picture of a terrifying kid within, but rum_holiday got the score of the night: a bunch of old jazz on vinyl, including the first two John Coltrane solo albums. It was a good time, and like Paris Hilton, it was had by all.

In other news:

- Everyone knows by now that Ricahrd Pryor snuffed it. It's too bad, and only underscores how tragic it is that one of the three greatest standup comics of all time had been silent for close to 20 years because of MS. Fuck you, MS. Of course the lifetime of dug abuse probably didn't help, but bottom line: I liked Richard Pryor, and I'm sorry he's gone.

- My girl ninafarina busted up her knee last week. Unlike superdaintykate, she probably won't need surgery or anything like that, but you should all say nice things about her anyway because otherwise I'll clobber yas. One of the worst things about the long-distance relationship is that I can't always be there to take care of her when shit like this goes down, and it tears me apart; but that's gonna be rectified before long.

- I got some good freelance work this weekend, and lost some other good freelance work. People at Town Hall complained about rude teenagers, communists taking over our universities, and how Muslims (and NO ONE ELSE) demand censorship and the punishment of those they find to be engaging in heretical attacks on their religion. People came and went and snow fell to the ground and novels were written and read. Somehow this became headline news, and yet there's not a "Man apologizes for hundreds of poorly written, badly researched Wikipedia articles" to be found anywhere. Then I posted on LiveJournal and eventually died.
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