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Lileks today is on his high horse, yapping about all the retards and compulsive mastubators at who dare to post political opinions at variance with his own. This is a favorite technique of Lileks', a variant on what the neologism-happy right likes to call "Fisking": broadly excerpting someone's comments and printing them to show how stupid they are.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course; it's a damn fine tactic to use against people you disagree with. Let them hang themselves by their own words. And usually, Lileks is pretty high-road about it; he tends to quote editorialists, opinion columnists and politicians rather than the rank and file. Perhaps he realizes that characterizing a movement by its lowest common denominator is provocation, not debate, and not worthy of the clear-thinking intellectual he fancies himself to be.

However, by combing through Fark and excerpting some of the LCD yahoos there (although, honestly, I thought some of the comments were quite sensible), he leaves himself open for someone doing the same for him, and a site he approves of.

Say, for example, Little Green Footballs.

Lileks LOVES L.G.F. He quotes them; he links to them; he mentions them routinely in his blog. He even credits them as having made him see the light about moving from a cranky quasi-liberal to a cranky neo-conservative. I don't read it often; the guy who runs it is an unbelievable Arab-hater. This usually doesn't bother me; I am only half-Arab, after all, and I'm not a Muslim, and I don't "look" Arab or have an Arab name. I wasn't born in Saudi Arabia, though my father was. I have no particular stake in being an Arab. But the L.G.F. crew are so monstrously anti-Arab, it even makes me uncomfortable. You can feel the hate rising off the page.

Since Lileks opened the floodgates, since he threw down the gauntlet and said "hey, anti-war people, THESE are the sorts of people you've allied yourself with", let's do the same for him.

Here's some comments by L.G.F. posters over the last few days.

"Hussein will slowly die of thirst and suffocation in a crushed, pitch-black bunker. His last days and hours will be spent soaked in his own sweat and filth, frantically trying to claw through nine feet of reinforced concrete and steel. At the end, he'll weep with fear."

"Unlike the Islamonazis, no one here want's innocent people to die. We do, however, want the guilty to be brought to justice. And if that means blowing Sodom's nuts to the moon, then so be it. Pray for our troops. Buy some yellow ribbons, too."

"A woman who adores genocidal fascists was killed because she did something stupid. We should at least pretend to be upset."

"Feed them hot dogs laced with antifreeze. Stand around and laugh as they twitch."

"If (the respiratory epidemic in Hong Kong) were a bioterror attack, it isn't necessarily Islamic in origin. The North Koreans could have initiated it.

"Another reason to tighten up our borders. Arabs= parasites."

"Muslims are set to conquer the world. This is in their "constitution". We need to alter ours to exclude them at all costs. This is a very vile religion and needs to be stopped at our borders. Screw the ignorant brainless twits who say that this is a religion of "peace". Peace my ass. Have you been following this demon worshiping religion?"

"Arabs are dangerous for us, must kill those that don't want to change and stop being dangerous."

"We can all do without the rotten islamic religion, there's not a damn bit of good that comes from it."

"So far the U.S. and Israel has taken the higher ground in demeanor when confronting these reptile eunichs......which is to be commended, nonetheless rage demands satisfaction."

"Another victim to the lies of postmodernism, the propoganda of the Arab state media and their western postmodernist enablers."

"Never forget. Never forgive."

"Anyway, soon (liberals) will be identified from the DNA of the embryo and will be aborted."

"(Arabic is) a whole retard culture, you know."

"(Rachel Corrie) sided with the people who danced in the streets on 9/11. The world is a better place with her death. Good bye, dumb cunt. Enjoy oblivion."

Now, you tell me: which motherfuckin' side YOU on?
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