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What ELSE we learned from Friday's poll

We didn't learn that no one thinks my rap/wrestling feud jokes are funny; that we learned from a different post. But we did learn these things.

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- The majority of you (30%) thought that 2005 was great to excellent, but the runner-up (18%) was that 2005 sucked pureed ape nuts. Well, the only reason I or anyone else has a LiveJournal is to read about how miserable everyone else is, so I'm glad things are workin' for you.

- A majority 32% of you believe that, if nothing else, 2006 will be an improvement over 2005. This is a touching reflection of how incredibly naive you all are to not realize that no matter how bad things are, they can always get worse. God bless you every one.

- The most-beloved quality of James Lileks is his inability to get past his adolescent resentment of hippies and how they got all the girls while he was wearing a fedora and rocking out to the Knack. That was closely followed by his similar rejection of every single cultural achievement of the 1970s except for Star Wars, and finally his non-stop berating of the incompetent retail chains who he is forced to give his custom. Surprisingly, only 31% of you cited my own completely irrational fascination with Jim-Jam as your favorite thing about him. (Lileks, by the way, is back from hiatus, and is now weighing his "must move to Arizona, leave cold and Twin Cities liberals behind" mania against the fact that he spend the holidays in the AZ and it's really boring.)

- In a lovely example of self-knowledge gone awry, the majority (37%) of you cited laziness as the primary motivator behind your New Year's resolutions -- which flaw makes it all the more likely we'll meet here next year to discuss the #1 reason why you didn't actually fulfill any of them.

- Most popular responses in the "What New Year's resolution will you break first?" category were "filling out polls" and "not making New Year's resolutions". Man, you guys, seriously, read the other comments first! Is rule of comedy! Winner: spinooti's statement of helplessness before the delicious power of sody pop.
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