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My Deadened Heart and Soul-Less Soul


- I am not small or stunted. I am, in fact, a relatively healthy and robust individual, and fairly tall by American standards.

Good to Know

> - To put your mind at ease, let me assure you that I actually don't spend very much time creating my website at all.

Well then, whomever is saying all that trash about Jewish people and oozing ultra-conservative --- vaguely Nazi-type -- trash speak, is doing so behind your back ... and since you don't "spend very much time creating my website at all" I suggest you fire the person who does

> - I am not very young; in fact, I am approaching middle age. You seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that I am a teenager, which, sadly, is not the case.

All the more reason why you should know better, and not sound like a 19 yr old skin head

> - I have several qualities one might consider American, including American citizenship, lifelong residence in America, employment and education in the American system, status as an American taxpayer, and general adherance to the founding documents and principles of America. I'm not sure which ones you're referring to that I lack.

all the "American" accoutrements without an understanding, sadly, of what America is supposed to be about

> - I do not believe I am a patriot of substance. I'm not sure what I said to create this impression in you, but I apologize if it was given. I'm not even sure what a patriot of substance would be.

Knock it off, please ... you know full well what was meant by that (above) .... "super-patriots" like yourself feel the need to scream about Jews and Media, or Black people or Gays, or whomever serves your limited vision about what America is, or should be. And the fact that you pretend not to know what it is you say that engenders this in the reader is as false as your world-view ...

> Also, my site is designed not to be hateful, demeaning and aggressive, but rather mildly amusing;

NO ... I think not .... And the fact that you back away from admitting and taking responsibility for it's content is just another version of the same cowardice that created it initially ... you may pander all you like ... and effect this pseudo-politeness as a viable disguise for the monster that lurks in your deadened heart and soul-less soul, but I am not convinced that such polite responses are at all indicative of a humanity one should recognize as embracing the spirit of good Christian theology .... (i.e. the way Christ meant it to be)

So, since I am so immature, of course...

Hi there! Thanks again for writing.

It is good to know that I am tall and robust! Hooray for good health. Would that we all had it. How about that Michael J. Anderson? He's probably had a rough time of it.

Once again, since you do not cite the specific entry to which you are referring, I cannot respond to your accusations directly. Could you perhaps let me know which entry has caused you to believe that I am a vaguely Nazi-type ultraconservative anti-Semite? Because, while I am perhaps not the best judge of my own work, I tend to think of my writing as particularly ultra-liberal, and not vaguely but actively non-Nazi.

I would also suggest reading a number of my log entries, particularly if you have detected hints of conservativism and/or racism, and see if you can detect elsewhere on the site elements of irony or satire. For instance, at the top left of every page, there is the banner reading "Fresh shots of ironic disaffection", a slogan which -- in particular, the "ironic" part -- you may wish to recall whenever you find you have detected elements of reactionary right-wing politics.

Clearly, if I sound like a 19-year-old skinhead, I have failed in my mission as a writer. My head has not been skint for over 2 years, and 19-year-olds comprise only a small fraction of my readership. I will endeavor in the future to sound less like a 19-year-old skinhead, and my first step will be to, as you suggest, fire my entire staff, starting with the ones who actually are 19-year-old skinheads.

"Accoutrements" is an awfully French-sounding word for someone who clames to be all-American, Mr. Fish. However, if you would like to spell out what America really is supposed to be about, I'd be happy to let you know whether or not I conform to that standard. I am here to help you, the Ludic Log reader.

Once again, you mistake my intentions. I am not the Super-Patriot; John Walker was the Super-Patriot (prior to stints as Captain America and, ultimately, USAgent). John Walker Lindh, on the other hand, was not a super-patriot at all.

As to my reputed screaming about Jews and Media, and Black people or Gays (many of whom are my best friends!), I suggest once again that you [a] cite your source and [b] prepare yourself for the possibility that I was, as I often am, being ironic.

I take full responsibilty for all content on the Ludic Log except bootlegged mp3s, which someone else put there. Also, it was not created out of cowardice, but out of boredom.

Here is a link to a useful Wikipedia entry you might wish to peruse before writing back (though, naturally, I am always glad to hear from you):

Thank you for the permission to pander all I like. I will take advantage of it at the soonest opportunity. I assure you, however, that my politeness is not pseudo, maldicted or otherwise false, but as sincere as I can get. I honestly think you have probably misread my writing, or failed to recognize its ironic tone, if you really think I am some sort of monstrous, inhuman Nazi figure, or perhaps you mistakenly e-mailed me after reading As for not being a good Christian, unfortunately, I am not a Christian at all, good or bad, so I feel that I can't really respond appropriately to that charge.

Thanks again for writing, and I hope to hear back from you soon!

Leonard A. Pierce, Jr.

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