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Not a Lost spoiler, except insofar as the creators seem determined to spoil my hopes for the show having a satisfying future: after spending a great deal of time between the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2 assuring understandably nervous fans that they weren't going to go the way of The X-Files, that they did have a master plan and an overall design, that they weren't just making it all up as they went along, the people who run the show have gotten a look at the ratings and apparently decided 'fuck it, we can do whatever we want'.

CARLTON CUSE, executive producer: "Basically, Lost is one of those things where you have to appreciate the journey and try not to worry about the endpoint. We're not in control of the endpoint."

DAMON LINDELOF, co-creator: "If you're watching the show because you're waiting for the big answers to come, you have to understand that by the nature of what it is -- it's not a movie, it's not a series of movies, it's not a trilogy, it's not a miniseries -- it's going to be on the air for as long as ABC wants to keep it on the can you ever possibly think that Lost will end in a satisfying way? Carlton and I can almost guarantee you that it will not."

I'm actually still a big fan of the show, and I thought last night's Mr. Eko episode, hokey FX aside, was pretty damn satisfying both from a dramatic standpoint and in terms of threading together loose ends. But comments like this are really disheartening. Even if you blame this all on the network instead of the creative staff, Cuse and Lindelof don't seem particularly interested in fighting for more control over their narrative. It just makes me think of one of the classic questions of literary criticism: if you don't care where your story is headed, why should I?

I'll keep watching as long as it keeps being good. But honestly, I'd just as soon the producers keep their mouths shut from now on. If the show is going to fall apart into a big incoherent mess, I'd prefer to be surprised by that rather than have them confirm it gleefully to the press.
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