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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

What we learned from Friday's poll

1. By a 41% majority, "monkey" was ruled to be the most overused conceptual punchline. I don't particularly understand this, because to me, monkeys are always funny, whereas pirates are not only way played, but also were never funny in the first place. But that's why we do these polls, so I can learn. (manningkrull very helpfully pointed out that I forgot zombies.)

2. In an unsurprising result, the most frequent response to the question about what kind of celebrity gossip those polled found the most annoying was that all kinds of celebrity gossip are equally annoying. In an even more unsurprising result, the second-most frequent response was that no forms of celebrity gossip are annoying. Of those expressing a preference, the least favored were celebrity baby drama and celebrity political punditry. (hoolifan helpfully pointed out that I forget stories about how much a celebrity paid for some useless, insanely overpriced bauble.)

3. The most popular choice for a recent decade to culturally revive was the 1920s, with 21% of you itching for a return to flapper fashions, wide lapels, alcohol prohibition, and easy credit terms. I would argue that we're already having something of a '20s revival, what with rampant overspending, government deregulation, a pro-business president, widespread jingoism, and fascism and economic collapse just around the corner; it's sort of like the 1920s with all the fun taken out of it. An 1890s revival was surprisingly popular; apparently a lot of you long for a decade-long economic slump, pumphandle mustaches, corsets, and men named "Adolph". Curiously, no one at all chose the 1970s. Somewhere James Lileks is smiling. (calamityjon not-so-helpfully pointed out that I forgot the Cryptic period of the earth's Hadean eon.)

4. There was a boffo three-way tie on the question about what you think life on a desert island would resemble. An equal amount said Lord of the Flies (suggesting they would be hunted down and made the target of a stick sharpened at both ends), The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island (suggesting they would receive occasional visits from basketball-themed entertainers or their robot doubles), and a "Far Side" comic (suggesting they would wear glasses, grow out a scraggly beard, and every once in a while, say something pithy). No one chose Lost or "Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball", but four people chose Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence. (uvula_fr_b4 harmfully pointed out that I forgot to include every book, movie, television show, play, comic book and MMORPG ever made about desert islands.)

5. The answers to the "tell me something good about your town" question were very heartwarming to read. Picking a winner was difficult; brandawg's was funny, and and littlewashu's had Super Wawa in it. (A lot of you cited food as the great thing about your town, reinforcing my theory that most people are tied to their roots via a tasty bond of snacks.) But in the end, I have to give the trophy to masterninja66, whose hometown claim to the biggest squid catch in the country went uncontested by all.
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