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The seven things you can't say on television, on the other hand, are pretty ironclad

Libertarian dingbat Larry Elder has a new book out called The Ten Things You Can't Say In America. Strangely, the book was published here in America, and became a best-seller, but he didn't go back and change the title. Anyway, here are the ten things.

Blacks are more racist than Whites

This is highly controversial, indeed, and before Larry had the courage to say it, the only person who dared speak those words was high-profile Oscar-hosting multimillionaire Chris Rock, who said it repeatedly on several of his best-selling comedy albums. Of course, if Larry had phrased it differently, say, "white racism has caused more misery, poverty and death than black racism", it would be even more truthful (as opposed to truthiful).

White condescension is as bad as Black racism

By "condescension", what Larry (who, in case you were wondering, is black) means is "assistance". Larry thinks that if there's one thing worse than black racism, it's white people attempting to correct the harm done by 4 centuries of white racism.

The media have a liberal bias

Gosh, you sure can't say that! Why, I can't think of more than three, four dozen bestselling books, popular radio programs, nationally syndicated newspaper columns, and highly rated television networks who have even dreamed about daring to think about suggesting such an outrageous thing.

There is no glass ceiling holding women back in the corporate world

Once again, Larry is right. There is no literal, tangible ceiling made of glass which physically holds women workers in place. And once again, his rightness is made even more righteosious by his not having phrased it in a whiny liberal way like "for some reason, women make up almost 50% of the workforce, but make less aggregate income, are passed over for promotion at a higher rate, and make up a disproportionately small number of managers, executives and CEOs despite their increasingly higher levels of education".

America's greatest social problem is illegitimacy

I haven't read the whole book, so I'm not sure what he means here. Is he saying that America is not a legitimately sovereign nation? Is he saying that our society is a fake society? Or is he saying that coloreds have too many babies? Taking bets.

there is no Health-Care "crisis"

By which he means, we have awesome health care in this country, better than any place, if you can afford it and why couldn't you unless you were a bum. Our highest-in-the-First-World rates of infant death, cancer, heart disease, tuberculosis, and diabetes are just coincidence, and our ever-increasing number of uninsured citizens just reflects the go-get-'em attitude of start-up enterpreneurs.

Governmental welfare is neither necessary nor constitutional

I'm not sure how to approach this one. I mean, it's pretty much libertarian gospel that welfare is unnecessary, and that the social upheaval caused by abandoning the lower classes can be dealt with by an efficient police force, but unconstitutional? That's a new one on me, so maybe you CAN'T say that in America. Insofar as it makes no fucking sense.

There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats

Ladies and gentlemen, the common ground where Larry Elder and Ralph Nader meet. Only a few million Democrats have been saying this for, oh, 15 years or so.

We are losing the war against drugs

Maaaan. If Larry really thinks that you can't say this in America, he really hasn't been paying attention. Pretty much everyone on the left has been saying since the war against drugs started way back in the early 1980s. Proof, I guess, that the right wing only listens to itself.

The ultimate goal of gun control is confiscation

Well, I guess if by "ultimate" you mean "final". Even then, you could, I dunno, melt them into plowshares or something. As a pro-gun ownership nut myself, I don't necessarily have a problem with the libertarian proposition that there should be few, if any, limits on firearms possession, but why is it whenever someone meekly suggests that maybe you should have to wait a few days before buying an assault rifle, or maybe we shouldn't sell pistols to a guy who's been in the joint three times for armed robbery, the right starts going down the Turner Diaries path? Calm down, Larry, no one's gonna take your snipe-hunting iron.
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