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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

What we learned from last week's poll

1. To the question of hot-air hand dryers, a slight majority (22 to 19) use them over not. (The 13% of you who use both the air dryer and paper towels balance the ratio.) Evidence that you are all wearing big boy pants can be found in the fact that no one copped to not being able to figure out how to work the air dryers, but nearly ten percent of you admitted that you use them even though they are nearly worthless at their assigned task. petit_chou wins this question for waxing so enthusiastic on the subject in the Comments section.

2. A very sensible 67% of you said that, given the choice, you would prefer not to have any diseases at all, even ones with comical names. Of those expressing a preference, respondents slightly favored swimmer's itch (a.k.a. cercarial dermatitis) over all listed diseases. This is probably because it's non-fatal and with a short life-cycle, and not because you usually contract it by swimming in birdshit. (The Wikipedia entry on swimmer's itch delightfully informs us that it should not be confused with seabather's eruption. GOT THAT?) Other popular choices were rickets, gout and scurvy, with scrofula, scabies and dengue fever getting no votes. You bunch of high-falutin snobs.

3. When asked to select a humorous NHL player's name that begins with the letter K, the majority of you -- 21% -- chose San Jose Sharks third-string goalie Seamus Kotyk. My guess is that the Ontario-born former Rockford IceHog's popularity is due to the combination in his name of the vividly Irish and the fragrantly Eastern European, which I'm hoping is a comfort to him as he spends night after night riding the pine. The handsome Mr. Kotyk is a born scrub, having spend several years in the minor leagues; his sole claim to fame is being the eighth goalie in AHL history to score a goal. My own choice of Kemil Kreps was surprisingly unpopular even though it is pronounced "camel craps". Other funny names not even included in the poll were Lukas Kaspar, Nikholai Khabibulin, DJ Kong, Rostislav Klesla, Espen Knutsen, Ygor Knyazev, Kiril Koltsov, Kristian Kudroc, Tomas Kostopoulos, and Anze Kopitar.

4. The presence of a poll question about DC Comics' Infinite Crisis was correctly seen by an overwhelming majority (57%) as evidence of my geekery and/or nerditude. The geeks and nerds among you goggled at the sight of Superboy kicking a dog, and a reasonable few wondered why on earth you would put gloves and boots on a giant plastic man filled with hazardous chemical waste, particularly if you were just going to drop him out of an airplane anyway.

5. It is clear that most people do, indeed, find a particular kind of accent sexually stimulating. Leading the way were the accents of Ireland, northern England and snooty London, proving that Anglophilia is alive and well in your genitalia. There were a number of pleasing responses to this question, but moondispatches wins again by admitting "I just like it when girls talk to me."
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