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Ell Oh Ess Tee

Well! That certainly was the second-most boring episode of Lost ever. Among nothing else, here's what I got out of it:

1. There's something going on with Libby. She's working Hurley like a bilge pump. Does it have something to do with her past as a clinical psychologist and his affiliation in some as-yet-undefined capacity with a mental institution? Was he locked up in the cracker factory, and was she a doctor there? Or, as I have suspected all along on no evidence whatsoever, is she a plant -- one of the "Others" or an agent of the Hanso Foundation or whoever's running this show?

2. Girlfight is pretty useless, but she is good at calling other people on their shit -- and this time around, she points out how ridiculous it is that no one seems to be fucking on this island. Charlie's relationship with Claire is entirely imaginary; the Jack/Sawyer/Kate triangle is chaste as well as dull; Libby is totally playing Hurley; and no one else on the island even sems to have a functioning libido. The only people we know for sure who have gotten any in the two months of exile are Sun & Jin (who are protected by the holy sacrament of marriage and thus allowed to perform sexual congress) and Sayid & Shannon (who were not thus protected by the benevolent hand of God, which is why Shannon had to pay for her slatternly ways by getting her dinner exposed to open air by Girlfight). It is possible that Rose and Bernard have done, but yuck.

3. Speaking of heavy-handed Christian allegory, even leaving aside all this Roman hoodoo they're casting with Mr. Eko and Claire and Charlie, what kind of Book of Job bullshit are they pulling with the former bass player of Driveshaft? I'm sure this is all leading somewhere, but it seems to me that if you have a shaky, neurotic junkie as part of the incredibly fragile social network in which you must participate, the last thing you want to do is isolate, alienate, and punish him.

This show gets more like latter-day Twin Peaks all the time. Now watch next week's episode be fucking great. Bah.
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