Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Actual conversation between me and the MovieFone AIM-Bot

[15:17] theludickid: Hey, MovieFone AIMBot!

[15:17] MovieFone: Hi there. I'm the new MovieFone bot! I can find movies for you anywhere in the country in a fraction of second. All you have to do is give me part of the title, an actor or director's name. I can also send you alerts when your favorite films are opening. Type privacy anytime to review the policy. Type any movie you want to see or menu to get going.

======= Movie of the Week =======
The Pink Panther (2006) - Movie Site

[15:17] theludickid: You really think I would like "The Pink Panther"? Because I have to tell you, it looks super-shitty.

[15:17] MovieFone: I think you should type, menu. I was not able to find any movies related to what you typed.

[15:17] theludickid: There's no need to get cagey, MovieFone.

[15:17] MovieFone: 1 -P- Get Rich or Die Tryin'

[15:18] theludickid: No, YOU get rich or die tryin'!

[15:18] MovieFone: 3 -P- Yabu no naka no kuroneko (Kuroneko)

[15:18] theludickid: You know quite well I don't speak your foreign jibber-jabber. Hey, did you see "Failure to Launch"? Because I did, and it was god-awful.

[15:18] MovieFone: Pardon me? If you don't understand why I am not understanding you, just type, help.

[15:19] theludickid: If...if I don't understand why I'm not understanding you?

[15:19] MovieFone: 7 -F- Awesome: I F&!#in' Shot That

[15:19] theludickid: You can cuss in front of me, MovieFone. We're both adults here.

[15:19] MovieFone: 1 -F- You Want Me to Kill Him?

[15:19] theludickid: Do I want you to kill who?

[15:19] MovieFone: Let's not get carried away ;-).

[15:20] theludickid: Oh, MovieFone. Emoticons? I expected so much more from you.

[15:20] MovieFone: Enter a valid 5 digit zip-code.

[15:20] theludickid: Uh, okay. 60618.

[15:20] MovieFone: I found Imagine Me & You playing on 01/30/2006 but not anywhere near 60618. Try for another film, director or actor.

[15:20] theludickid: With pleasure.

[15:20] MovieFone: 1 -P- India: Kingdom of the Tiger: with Captions

[15:20] theludickid: WITH CAPTIONS! Oh, MovieFone, you've made me the happiest man alive.

[15:20] MovieFone: 4 -F- Don't Trip...He Ain't Through With Me Yet

[15:21] theludickid: I am through with you, though.

[15:21] MovieFone: Mm hm.
Tags: im, laffs, movies


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