Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Happy fat guy

I got "O.S.T." by People Under the Stairs recently, and it's pretty goddamn dope. I have an inherent distrust of the tendency towards rampant oldschoolism/"true school", as evidenced by the fact that the new J5 record is a disappointment, but this one pays off big time. Go get it.

Anyway, the best thing about PUTS is that there's a fat guy. I love fat guys. I especially love fat guy baseball players, but fat guy rappers are a close second. Double K may be the best in the game right now, but there's a lot of good tonnage out there. Beat Box Buff, we hardly knew ye.
Tags: music

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