Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

ROOMMATE WANTED! Sleep where I slept! I'm the George Washington of obscure comedy!

Hey, Chicagoans or people who know Chicagoans --

Do you need an apartment? Do you know anyone who does? Take mine!

Yes, I'll be leaving April 1st to move in with my awesome girlfriend ninafarina in the Twin Cities, and my swell roommate thaitea is looking for someone to take over my half of the lease. That lucky somebubble could be YOU! If you have an income, don't smoke (cigarettes), aren't crazy, and will tolerate our rambunctiously adorable cats, think about it.

The details: our apartment is the second floor of a two-flat; the only other tenants in the building are our landlord (who is really great and easy to deal with, and always fixes stuff promptly) and his family on the first floor. It's a big two-bedroom; you'd be taking my room, the bigger of the two BRs. It has two windows, ample closet space, and hardwood floors, and you can even have my futon for nuttin'! The apartment itself has a huge tile-floor kitchen, a hardwood dining room, a big carpeted storage area in the back, a hardwood living room with a big futon-couch, a sun room with 7 windows, and tenant-controlled heat and air conditioning. There's also four ceiling fans in the apartment, a private hallway leading to the lobby, and easy street parking (no neighborhood sticker required). The apartment is currently wired for digital cable (one unit in what would be your bedroom, one in the living room) and DSL (also in what would be your room).

The building is in Albany Park on the northwest side, at Irving Park and Francisco. It's near two major bus lines (Irving Park and Montrose), and it's about a 15-minute walk to the Francisco stop of the Brown Line and just a bit further to the Irving Park stop of the Brown Line. The Irving Park bus would take you straight to the Sheridan Red Line el, and in the other direction to the Irving Park Blue Line el. The river is five minutes away, as are three major parks (Horner, California and McFettridge Sports Center). There's a produce market and a bunch of good restaurants within a 5-minute walk; a Target about a 10-minute walk; a big dry cleaner and other local shopping nearby; and a Jewel and a Dominick's that are either a short bus ride or a shorter drive. No laundry in the building, but there's a huge laundromat just across the street and two smaller ones just as close. It's a very safe, quiet residential neighborhood, but just a short trip to cool stuff.

Your rent would be $475, plus half the utilities. You'd be taking over half the lease, which lasts until August with an option to renew -- and, as I say, the landlord is really great. So if you're looking, or you know someone who is, think about it, and drop me a line at leonard at ludic kid dot com or my roommate Cori (who is very cool, quiet, and easy to live with) at thai tea 10 at yahoo dot com if you're interested...
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