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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Hey, kid! Quit looking at that musty old Iraq in the corner! Take a gander at this shiny new Iran!

Should we be worried about Iran? Of course we should! They are led by a government of deranged fundamentalists with a loose-nut anti-Semite at the head of their government, and they are probably trying to develop nuclear weapons. And if you’re worried about a country, the best thing is to try and ignore how staggeringly familiar the propaganda favoring military action is to the same propaganda that prepped us for war in Iraq, and just look calmly and coolly at the facts. And then invade.

Iran, of course, is in clear violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which they are not a signatory. The United States, which is a signatory to the NPT, is also in clear violation of it, having breached in 2003 in order to “upgrade” and “modernize” its vast storehouse of atomic weapons. Also in violation of the NPT are Israel, Pakistan, Russia, and India. Luckily for those countries, no sitting member of the U.N. Security Council is arguing that they should be invaded! Whew.

Iran, of course, is threatening stability and democracy in the middle east in its attempt to develop nuclear weapons. In the not-a-threat-to-stability department, we have Pakistan and Israel, but see above: those, after all, are GOOD countries, one of which is almost a democracy and one of which really, really wants to be a democracy once things settle down a little; they should, therefore, be given the benefit of the doubt.

Iran, of course, would certainly use nuclear weapons against its neighbors the very second it got hold of them. The fact that this would ensure its immediate obliteration by Israel, the US, Russia and India is not important, because they are not rational people, but rather demons in human shape. As to the question of why Iraq, for example, never used WMDs against American soldiers despite two wars in which to do so, let me ask a counter-question: why do you hate America?

Iran, of course, is a bad country – a rogue state, if you please – led by bad men, and left unchecked, they would certainly do bad things. For example, they might develop weapons of mass destruction and use them against other countries, or invade the other countries outright and engage in military occupation. Like, oh, I don’t know, the United States, or Israel. Only when they do it, it’s cute.

Iran, of course, is the leading threat to the world today. Except for maybe China. Or North Korea. Or Pakistan, or Egypt, or Syria. Or Morocco, or Saudi Arabia. Or Uzbekistan. But hey, they’re right up there!

Iran, of course, can never be allowed to develop nuclear technology as long as there is a murderous dictator in charge. Who is not the Shah.

Iran, of course, cannot be allowed to purchase nuclear technology from Russia or France, because they will only use it for evil purposes. The nuclear technology we sold them in the 1970s, the weapons technology we sold them in the 1980s, and the nuclear and weapons technology Israel sold them in the 1980s and 1990s cannot be used for evil, because they are too well-protected by the aura of goodness our nations imparted upon them.

Iran, of course, cannot be allowed to develop nuclear technology, even if it is for the purpose of generating electric power. Nuclear power is very dangerous in the hands of people we do not like, and while it should be pretty much completely unregulated in our own country, it should not even be allowed to exist in countries we are thinking about invading.

Iran, of course, doesn’t want any weapons inspectors to come into the country, but even if they did, that’s no reason not to invade them, because weapons inspectors are incompetent, terrorist-sympathizing dupes, except when they find something.

Iran, of course, is a clear and present danger, a green mushroom cloud waiting to happen, a terrorist nation that exports nothing but oil and raw terror. After all, the government and the news media all say it’s true, and – well, so they were wrong last time. Do you really want to take a chance that they’re wrong again?
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