Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Hit It Run

1. Christ, I'm busy. It's less than two weeks now before I move, and I'm trying not to get too stressed, particularly about things I can't control, but there's just so much still to do, and so much up in the air, I find myself deliberately not thinking about it lest I get all twitchy.

2. A fine, if busy, weekend. Went to the Parthenon in Greektown for editrix26's birthday party and talked movies, comics and other geek pursuits with the Onion crew; Saturday I had breakfast with thaitea, ran some errands, and continued my absurdly overlong streak of doing humiliatingly badly at Cities & Knights of Catan; Sunday I packed, took care of various moving stuff, and had dinner with rum_holiday, theletterr, and their inexplicably un-LiveJournalled spouses, and went to see V for Vendetta.

3. It was pretty good. Not really good, or very good, or great, but pretty good. The ending was a bit of a disaster, there were a few eye-peelingly cheesy moments, and they didn't do much of a job of conveying the misery of daily life under totalitarianism, but the acting was top-drawer, the action scenes were tremendous, the plot was coherent if truncated, and a few sequences (particularly the domino-effect one and the 'liberation' of Evey) were real stunners. I'm with kp3000 in thinking that it excelled where it remained true to the source, and fell on its Guy-Fawkes-masked face where it strayed from same; and politically, it was even more flat and simplistic than Moore's book. But for what it was (a brainy genre action flick), it was much better than expected, and worth seeing. (By the way, anyone who's seen it, what's the music that plays over the end credits? A catchy piece of agit-dance-pop, that.

4. I'm training my "replacement" (read: part-time temp) at work this week, so posting may be light or heavy depending on when he's here. I will get to the amazing things we learned from last week's poll, though.

5. Blog roundup: for those of you who are freelance writers, especially of TV or in the entertainment biz, ex-Buffy/Firefly scribe Jane Espenson's blog is a swell if occasionally depressing, read. Lileks today betrays his soulless upper-middle depression with a patented blend of crankiness and wistfulness. Town Hall's movie critic, Megan Basham, offers a review of V for Vendetta that is as deceptive as it is asinine, no mean feat. Maud Newton reminds us that there is seemingly no end to JT Leroy's sad-little-clownism. And Fantagraphics is offering a new interpretation of the grimmest fairy tales of all time, with illustrations by Bob Staake.

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