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Hey, speaking of assholes...

Yesterday, in the comments section of one of calamityjon's posts, there was some discussion of the type of asshole who always predicates their incredibly racist comments with "Hey, I'm not a racist, but...". Special mention was made of the racist who claims it's really the darkies, with their ethnic pride and their special darkie-power movements, who are the REAL racists.

Well, along comes Michelle Malkin, who compensates for her own non-whiteness by being almost as racist as Ann Coulter, to prove the point. Let's watch!

Few things make liberals more uncomfortable than being confronted with the racism of politically correct minorities.

It's true! Whenever a black person tells me he thinks the Jews are a bunch of parasites, I just squirm around and cry until someone gives me a latte and a Jane Fonda hippie patchouli brie snob blah blah blah.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Autum Ashante, the precocious 7-year-old black nationalist poet, who said white people are "devils and they should be gone."

Yes, Michelle, we all remember how you had an aneurysm over the evil seven-year-old poet. Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

If this daughter of a Nation of Islam activist father had instead been an Aryan supremacist child of a Klan activist, she'd still be all over the network news and pages of pop culture magazines (as a pair of white nationalist teen pop singers, Lamb and Lynx Gaede, have been since last fall).

If they'd really been "all over the network news and pages of pop culture magazines", would you really need to explain who they were? The Gaedes are in the same category as Autim Ashante: a freakshow act.

But with rare exceptions, nobody wanted to touch Autum's spoon-fed hatred with a 10-foot-pole. That would be, you know, "intolerant." We have to "respect diversity."

Note the use of quote marks, as if anyone had actually said those things.

Well, this weekend, militant racism from another protected minority group was on full display. But you wouldn't know it from press accounts that whitewashed or buried the protesters' virulent anti-American hatred.

Let's remember a few phrases there: "militant racism", "protected minority group" and "virulent anti-American hatred".

An estimated 500,000 to 2 million people, untold numbers of them here illegally, took to the streets of Los Angeles to protest strict immigration enforcement and demand blanket amnesty for border violators, visa overstayers, deportation fugitives, immigration document fraud artists and other lawbreakers.

The "untold numbers of them here illegally" is nice, because it implies that, oh, say, 95% of them could have been illegal immigrants. When, in fact, the number being "untold" (which is a sinister way of saying 'unknown'), it could be 50%. Or 10%. Or less than 1%. Also, the protesters were generally asking not for blanket amnesty for a laundry list of crimes, but rather immigration reform -- a very important distinction, which Malkin and her ilk deliberately muddy in order to stir up anti-immigrant fervor (of the type that would have kept her parents out of the country 40 years ago). The argument is not that immigrants should be free to commit endless crimes, but that some of their violations be decriminalized, particularly if they are economically productive members of the society.

Mexican flags and signs advocating ethnic separatism and supremacy filled the landscape.

Examples? None.

Demonstrators gleefully defaced posters of President Bush and urged supporters to "Stop the Nazis!"

I guess this would be the "virulent anti-American hatred", because disliking the president is the same as disliking the country. Even though, you know, the whole point of the demonstration was to ensure more people could come to this country and become citizens of it.

Los Angeles talk show host Tammy Bruce reported that protesters burned American flags and waved placards of the North American continent with America crossed out.

Well! If Los Angeles talk show host Tammy Bruce reported it, it must be true! Just like if Michelle Malkin says that protestors advocated ethnic supremacy, that must be true also. There's no need to provide any evidence!

One of the largest, boldest banners visible from aerial shots of the rally read: "THIS IS STOLEN LAND." Others blared: "CHICANO POWER" and "BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL." (Can you imagine the uproar if someone had come to the rally holding up a sign reading "WHITE IS BEAUTIFUL"?)

And if there's a Black Miss America, why isn't it okay to have a White Miss America? GAAAAAAAH.

Students walked out of classrooms all across Southern California chanting, "Latinos, stand up!" Young people raised their fists in defiance, clothed in T-shirts bearing radical leftist guerrilla Che Guevara's face and Aztlan emblems.

The horror! The horror! Young people raising their fists, and students walking out of their classrooms! Society, clearly, is doomed.

Nor are these sovereignty-obliterating grievances confined to the wacky West Coast. In Milwaukee, Wis., marchers carried signs that read: "If you think I'm 'illegal' because I'm a Mexican[,] learn the true history because I'm in my HOMELAND."

This is an attempt, I guess, by Michelle to illustrate the wacky "ethnic supremacy" of these crazy darkies, but here her ignorance betrays her: what the signs indicate is the fact that, although people (like, say, Michelle Malkin) often categorize all Latinos as immigrants (legal or illegal), over 75% of Latinos in America are in fact natural-born citizens who have lived here all their lives. Thus, this is their homeland.

Open-borders sympathizers in the press strained to look the other way. As Slate writer Mickey Kaus, who attended the L.A. demonstration, noted, the Los Angeles Times buried any mention of the presence of Mexican flags in its initial "propagandistic" report -- and then eliminated any reference to them at all. Cracks Kaus: "I used to write this sort of press-releasey 'news' account when my college paper assigned me to 'cover' anti-war demonstrations that I'd helped organize! . . . The Times' effort is filled with representative quotes from participants, without a note of dissent."

Well, I guess if you can trust anyone, other than radio talk show Tammy Bruce and Michelle Malkin herself, it's dissimulating right-wing convert Mickey "The Toad" Kaus. After all, he himself, by his own account, used to make up stories when he was a journalist, so you can believe him when he says he smells a made-up story!

Apologists are quick to argue that Latino supremacists are just a small fringe faction of the pro-illegal immigration movement (never mind that their ranks include former and current Hispanic politicians from L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to former California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cruz Bustamante).

This is about the 859th time Malkin uses the phrase "ethnic supremacist" or "Latino supremacist", without a shred of evidence that they are actually supremacists. Here's how it works, Michelle: an ethnic supremacist -- let's say, oh, a WHITE supremacist -- believes certain things. He believes (a) whites are better than any other race; (b) other races are inferior and subhuman and should at the least be driven out of the country or at worst slaughtered; and (c) only members of his race have the full complements of rights and privileges that his countrymen are due, and said rights should only be extended to members of his race. Has Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ever said "Latinos are better than white people"? Has Cruz Bustamante ever called for the expulsion of the Jews from California's borders? Did the LA protestors argue that only Latinos have the right to be American citizens, and that all non-Latinos should be driven out, imprisoned, or murdered? If so, then, pending your provision of a single scrap of evidence that this is the case, you're right: they're ethnic supremacists. If not, then you are in fact lying, or at best deliberately ignorant of what "supremacist" means. You are intentionally blurring people asking for EQUAL civil rights with people demanding EXCLUSIVE POSSESSION of civil rights. And you know what? This makes you a big fat fucking racist.
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  • Whorin'

    BLATHER ALERT! Want to hear me go on and on about the 'meaning', whatever it is, of political blogs? Now you can, and without even the price of a…

  • Whorin'

    Today's Ludic Log: corrections and retractions. Also, those of you who subscribe to Blueprints, the trade journal of the produce industry, can…

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