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...which is too bad, because it was a pretty limp episode. They seem to have forsaken the first-half-of-season-two "one boring episode for every good one" edict for a new "two boring episodes for every good one" ethos, which means next week, when hothead Michael wages war on the whoever-they-ares, better be pretty goddamn good.

Kate finally got around to telling someone about the Staff hatch and the Mr. Mystery disguise kit, but she did it in a totally self-serving way. Which, at first, pissed me off, but in retrospect is pretty well in character. Not so in character is why everyone seems to have a bone on for Jack; absent his outside-world weath and status, he comes across as a hypercompetitive, self-satisfied prick, and it's hard to imagine why anyone would listen to him, let alone lust after him, but last night even Rose cock-blocks her husband, telling him to clear their rescue plan with Jack.

Which brings me to a curious observation: it's pretty clear no one is looking for the downed Oceanic flight, but it's becoming more and more evident that most of the survivors don't really care about being rescued either -- not just direct beneficiaries like Rose and Locke, but pretty much everyone. Charlie and Eko are getting domestic, Claire and Sun seem happy to raise children on an island with no electricity, and even Jack cares more about comparing his schlong to Sawyer's than figuring out what's going on. Add to this the fact that pretty much everyone who survived the crash (if there really was a crash) was pretty clearly pre-selected, and the whole reality of their surroundings gets more dubious every day. I'm hoping the general malaise and lack of curiosity is a plot point and not just the writers being lazy; I still have faith in this show.

Other notes:

- I liked Rose and Bernard better when they were an old, loving-but-bitchy married couple. They don't work so well as plot propellors.

- Girlfight must be working some kind of angle with Locke, because the alternative -- that she was actually flirting with him -- is too gucky to contemplate.

- Hey, where's Sayid? Shouldn't he be killing motherfuckers not actually named Henry Gale right about now?

- Frogurt!

- You know, any time we can abandon the JJ Abrams "play an MOR pop song on the soundtrack while panning around all the castaways looking wistful" device, that would be just great.

- The two reveals (Michael's return and the revalation that Rose knows of Locke's prior wheelchair status) were nicely done, but not worth the wait. Also, they seem to be turning Rose into a magical Negro, which we don't need anyway but especially in light of the fact that we already have Walt.

- That cutesy scene with Jack and Kate in the net was an insult to gun nuts everywhere. On the other hand, that one shot of Henry Gale looking evil almost singlehandedly saved the episode. (Theory: if, as thaitea predicts, Henry is a defector from the others, my guess is that he entered a code in the computer to MAKE the black lights come on so that Locke would see the map and get curious enough to start exploring and learning. Then again, if that's the case, why doesn't Henry just tell him that shit? I dunno. I didn't say it was a GOOD theory.)
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