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Chitty chat

theludickid: I'm struggling for an angle on Make Fun of the Cheneys Day.
CLCGamma: you should just go old school. make fun of how fat and ugly his wife is
theludickid: Yeah, maybe I can just pull snaps on her.
theludickid: Lynne Cheney be so fat when she go to the butcher shop, he pull out his carving board.
CLCGamma: har
theludickid: Poland admits it has combat role in Iraq
CLCGamma: sigh. so many jokes
CLCGamma: we just shot a bus
CLCGamma: it was a syrian bus
CLCGamma: it was an accident.
theludickid: Oop, there's the story
theludickid: 5 dead
CLCGamma: it was an ACCIDENT
CLCGamma: it LOOKED like a school bus full of nuns
CLCGamma: it's just that occasionally we fire them at boy scout troops
CLCGamma: they very precisely parted the sash and vest, though.
theludickid: I love how Rummy and his posse keep trotting out the line about how they're taking exceptional care to spare civilian lives.
theludickid: "Not so much care that we would actually stop bombing their cities," Rumsfeld said, "but still."
CLCGamma: we are being extremely careful that the rubble only falls on hussein's men.
theludickid: Right. It's precision-guided rubble.
CLCGamma: they should do: Spotlight: Coalition! where they feature a member of our growing Coalition of the Willing and their eleven troops
CLCGamma: "This is Mahir. He can't wait to kill a few Kurds."
theludickid: "I KILL YOU!"
CLCGamma: hee hee
CLCGamma: the kurdish womenfolk can come stay with him.
theludickid: "This is Wieslaw. Technically the Poles aren't supposed to be here. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone."
theludickid: "That's Bruce, who thought he was signing up for a rugger scrum...and there's Adil, who thought maybe the Iraqis would have some food he could eat."
CLCGamma: "He's like the Rambo of Uzbekistan."
theludickid: HA
theludickid: "Ve getting to vin zis time, da?"
CLCGamma: he wasn't allowed to win the war in chechnya, so he'll fight this... his way
theludickid: It cracks me up that Afghanistan is part of the Coalition of the Willing.
CLCGamma: those guys like to fight, man
theludickid: "Well, I figured, anything would be better than STAYING IN FUCKING AFGHANISTAN"
theludickid: "Plus, if the American planes are bombing Baghdad, that means they're not bombing my village."
CLCGamma: "I'm really looking for a chance to expand my skills and learning to kill Sunnis."
CLCGamma: i love that people are getting on michael moore for not supporting our troops, too
CLCGamma: because you just know the entire third division was going, "Shit, I hope the maker of 'Roger and Me' is behind us."
CLCGamma: "Are there any left-wing fat guys in our corner? What's Tom Shales think?"
theludickid: My dad deserted his post in Korea when he found out I.F. Stone was against the war.
CLCGamma: i remember how deeply "Harvest of Shame" changed his view of the infantry's role.
theludickid: Who do you think would have been booed more: Moore, Polanski if he'd showed, or Eminem if he'd showed?
CLCGamma: moore
CLCGamma: the audience whooped for roman
CLCGamma: and they love jack nicholson, who provided the hot tub and little girl to rape.
theludickid: Yeah, but if he'd been there, he might have tried to attack Natalie Portman on the way up to the dais.
CLCGamma: i think there's a reason Anna Paquin turned down a role in "The Pianist."
CLCGamma: political, actually. she didn't think it was fair to the holocaust.
CLCGamma: damn it, roman, the cattle cars ran on time
theludickid: Schwarzenegger was supposed to consult on that movie, but he had scheduling conflicts.
CLCGamma: i can't wait until he gets his good-stormtrooper movie made
theludickid: At last his father will have peace.
theludickid: It can play on a double bill with "The Day the Clown Cried".
CLCGamma: i think robin williams is already in negotiation for the rights
CLCGamma: patch adamstein
theludickid: Har.
theludickid: Schwarzenegger has a good Nazi role in him, though he's getting too old now.
theludickid: He'd make a terrific Ernst Rohm, but he'd probably beef about the homo angle.
CLCGamma: i totally just want to see the trailer for it
CLCGamma: "In a world gone mad with Jewish corruption and Communist infiltration..."
CLCGamma: "One man..."
theludickid: "They pushed him far. Then farther. Then really, really, really far. But they finally pushed him...TOO FAR."
theludickid: "Schwarzenegger IS: 'The Good Nazi'. He's not just following orders anymore."
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