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Speaking of my awesome girlfriend ninafarina, she is the mastermind behind the upcoming Twin Cities reading for LitPAC, a very worthwhile political action committee that aims to involve some of the country's best authors in the political process to raise money for progressive candidates. The event -- 7:30PM on July 20th at the Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis, MN -- will be raising money for Colleen Rowley, who's running as a Democrat in Minnesota's 2nd District. Rowley, in case you don't know, is the FBI agent who gave advance notice to the administration of suspicious activity by some of the 9/11 terrorists, only to be ignored; she'll be a good voice in the House if she wins, bringing an antiwar message and supporting universal health care.

Why am I telling you this? What can you do? A lot, as it happens.

1. You can go to the event! It'll be a blast, it's at a great little nightclub, and there will be appearances by great authors like Sheila Heti (Ticknor), Ed Bok Lee (Real Karaoke People), Thisbe Nissen (Osprey Island), Stephen Burt (Parallel Play), LitPAC national coordinator Stephen Elliott (Looking Forward To It), and political comedy superstar Al Franken (The Truth, with Jokes).

2. You can volunteer! Like all PACs, LitPAC thrives on donations, and can always use help. If you're interested in giving time to a group that combines arts and literature with progressive politics, just visit their website to find out how. Other LitPAC authors include talented bigshots like Steve Almond, Lydia Davis, Jonathan Franzen, Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Moody, Markos ("Daily Kos") Moulitsas, Tom Perrotta, David Rakoff, Daniel ("Lemony Snicket") Handler, Colson Whitehead, Michelle Tea and Tobias Wolff. In addition to direct fundraising, LitPAC registers voters at author events and readings (including in targeted districts) and has authors call voters in swing states to discuss why progressive candidates deserve their support.

3. You can give money! Donations are always welcome for the national PAC (visit their website), but you don't have to be in Minnesota to support the Twin Cities event; Colleen Rowley's win would be a win for progressive America as a whole, and for a mere $50 (or $70 for a couple), you can become an event sponsor and have your name read at the event. Learn all about the event here, and thanks again.

4. You can convince others to give money! For a puny $100, your organization or company can become an orgnaizational sponsor, which gets their name and/or logo put on the poster and media materials for the event. Write to litpacmn at gmail dot com for details on organization and event sponsorships.

Much, much thanks to any and all of you who help with this -- right about now, getting progressive candidates elected is about the best thing you can do for America.
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