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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

You could take a holiday...

...but why not wait until tomorrow? In the meantime, some weekend highlights:

- I finally got to play my first game of Cities & Knights of Catan since moving to Minnesota! My amazing girlfriend ninafarina, her sister and brother-in-law, and pal hipsterdetritus came over for a round of the best board game of all time, with fairly good results. The big downside was that we didn't get to finish (four people learning the rules for the first time slows down an already long and complex game), but everybody seemed to have a good time, and hopefully we can play again and not have it take five hours to get to endgame. (For the benefit of rum_holiday, who's the only other Catan geek on my friends list: it was an odd game. All the wood hexes were clustered, and no one was in a particularly good position, so there was hardly any expansion or city development -- only one city and a couple of settlements got built -- and all the points came from progress cards and metropoli. And we even came up with a rules question you can send to the Mayfair folks: can progress cards be traded?)

- We're gearing up for Li'l' Duce's 3rd birthday party next weekend, which means going to Costco to buy booze. (Because we're going to get her hooked on tequila by the time she's in grade school, HA HA HA) Also, I'm finally getting the hang of blender drinks in this new Black & Decker mo-sheen, so Shauna's parents got treated to a decent pina colada yesterday; I may actually make a goddamn smoothie one of these days for lunch if I get lazy enough. By no means incidentally, I haven't mentioned it recently since I don't update much anymore, but I love my girlfriend and her kid a very lot.

- Which is why going to the beach Saturday was so much fun! Scoff if you will, you snobby coastal types, but we have Silver Lake Beach (one of the 10,000 lakes for which Minnesota's licence plates are justly famous) only about three blocks from our apartment, and when we went there Sunday morning, it was totally deserted! Having the whole beach to yourself is awesome, even when it's a small lake beach. Li'l' Duce had tons of swimmin' fun, Shauna read Stephen Elliott's book and dug on some sun, and I mostly skipped rocks and tried to unearth submerged frogs, because I am nine years old. I also constructed a small mixed-income housing facility with accompanying seaside resort out of sand, but it encountered protest from local groups and cost overruns, so our sponsor pulled out and the whole thing had to be destroyed by a giant toddler.

Anyway, I know none of you read this journal to hear about my life, to learn about my activities, or to express any interest in my or my loved ones as human beings, so here's some ridiculous right-wing bullshit for your ass, courtesy of fiberpunk:

Debbie Schlussel -- who was once in training to become Ann Coulter's understudy until everyone noticed that she wasn't pretty enough to step into the Arab-bashing hag role and it fell to the more exotic Michelle Malkin to pick up the slack -- has, like many of the people on my friends list, seen the new Superman movie. Unlike many of the people on my friends list, however, she has used it as a springboard for her crazy, sexist anti-PC ravings. Por ejemplo:

* Lois Lane is a "slut"

* Superman is too politically correct, which inspired Debbie to craft this hilarious and incredibly skillful bit of PhotoShop humor

* Evidence of Superman's PC nature is found in the fact that Lex Luthor doesn't team up with al-Q'aeda to promote Islamofascist (no, really, she actually says this)

* Also, Hollywood's dirty commie pro-terror stance can be found in the fact that some advertising for the film doesn't feature the phrase "truth, justice & the American Way", and the fact that other advertising for the film DOES feature the phrase, plus huge American flags, just proves what hypocrites the people in showbiz are

* And to top it all off, Superman's cape is entirely too muted a shade of red, which illustrates the national malaise the media would like to convince us we are undergoing (no, really, she actually says this too)

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