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Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

That's how we roll in MPLS

I'll keep it brief, since I know how boring you find these entries. Saturday, we took a trip to St. Cloud (which is a city north of here in a magical elf-filled valley where there are nothing but chain stores, and where everything is named after a saint) to visit my girlfriend's sister and scope out her lovely new house. Her neighbors are excessively tan and have a giant rock in their backyard. ninafarina turns out to be addicted to video games, for which I mocked her cruelly while secretly weeping that I can't play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas anymore*.

Yesterday, I made chiles rellenos Greensboro style, which is stuffed with vinegar slaw and barbecued chicken. They were pretty ugly; I can't seem to get the hang of pan-frying stuff and having it come out pretty. But man were they good, if I do so engage in a bit of self-horn-tooting. We then headed out to a St. Paul Saints game, which we told ourselves would be fun for the whole family but really is not the best place to take a three-year-old. There was a special kids' book reading on the field before the game, which is the only time in the last 17 years I've been nostalgic for college, but Li'l' Duce didn't feel like sticking around for it, and her crankiness intensified as the game dragged on, possibly because it was a hundred and three fucking degrees.** Anyway, I was not particularly saddened to leave early, because the Saints were losing 10-0 in the fifth inning.

Speaking of Li'l' Duce, here's another superhero-related conversation we had recently. She was making something out of Play-Doh:

ME: What is that?

LD: It's a castle.

ME: Who lives there?

LD: Spider-Man.

ME: Who else?

LD: Superman.

ME: What do they do there?

LD: They hug together.

ME: What else?

LD: They kiss together.

ME: Does anyone know about this?

LD: (offended) No! It's a secret.

Also, we were coming home from the store the other day, and she said, apropos of nothing, "When I turn you into a kitty, you won't be a person anymore."

I asked her why she wanted to turn me into a kitty, and she replied, "Because that's how I am."


*: I thought about claiming that playing GTA:SA would count as research for our upcoming move to California, but that way madness lies.

**: We live in Minnesota.
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