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The Leviathan Smiles

Speaking of Deadwood, Jimbo "Sleepin' Through the Seventies" Lileks has discovered the show, and he likes it. Sort of.

Ended the night with an episode of “Deadwood,” which always makes me wonder if people really used that particular word back then, and in such abundance. No matter – as much as I’ve never really loved the Western genre, I have warmed to “Deadwood.”

Note to HBO: I’d love to see a Colonial America series. But don’t make George Washington swear so much.

Although it's hard to tell from reading LiveJorunal, the thing that makes a blog worthwhile is when the cultural criticism contained therein is (a) fresh; (b) well-written; (c) insightful; and (d) unique. This is why good blogs are so rare, because anyone can post "LOL LOOK AT THIS, TWO WHITE GUYS RAPPING ABOUT CHRONICLES OF NARNIA CHECK IT OUT HILARRUS". Thus, here are three things Lileks should know in order to retain his position at the bleeding edge of American popular culture:

1. The very first reaction everyone in the world has to Deadwood is "boy, they sure do swear a lot". Since this is not in any way an interesting or unique observation, and has been made roughly 5,627,128 times since the show first aired three years ago, it can probably be left off.

2. The very first question everyone in the world has about Deadwood is "boy, did they really talk like that back then?". This question can be answered (hint: the answer is 'yes') by listening to the audio commentary on any disc of the show, or watching the documentary made about the very subject included with the season 1 DVD, or reading, for example, every single article about the show or interview with its creator ever done.

3. The very first joke everyone in the world makes about Deadwood is "boy, it'd be funny if they did some other historically grounded drama and everyone cursed a lot!". This is a fine joke, and may still have some life in it despite its approximately seven hundred thousand iterations. However, in order for the joke to be effective, it should concern something incongrous or unexpected, for example, a drama about the life of Mother Theresa in which she says "cocksucker" a lot. It should not involve the founding fathers, as anyone who has read biographies of them could tell you that not only was Ben Franklin a foul-mouth lech, but George Washington, in particular, had a notorious reputation for swearing like a sailor in mixed company.

Thanks for your time, Jimbo.
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