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Note to my amazing girlfriend ninafarina, who sometimes (and rightly) worries that I spend too much time on the computer: my arch-nemesis James Lileks is on vacation at a cabin up by the Boundary Waters. He has not only updated his (free) website twice, but has done a half-hour audio blog and also redesigned the site. While on vacation. With his family. At the Boundary Waters.


Speaking of schmucks, I can't link to the whole thing since it's NYT premium content, but uberschmuck David Brooks, who actually makes a fat living writing on political and cultural trends in America, has just written a column in which he notes that getting a tattoo isn't really very rebellious, because a lot of people have them now. WHAT A STUNNER! Only about fifteen years behind the rest of the country comes D. Brooks with that dynamite observation. Next up from the keen eyes of this trend-hawk: 'punk rock' is actually sorta reactionary and conservative! Also, ad agencies are now using images of '60s rebellion to sell products!
Tags: lileks watch, politics

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