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Lileks Understands

Lileks understands why the housing bubble bursting would be no big deal:

The top of the hour news described the price news as “scary,” which annoyed me; everything’s scary to the newsreaders. So homes were overvalued. Now they won’t be. It’s happened before, I suspect. And if there are negative effects then there will be negative effects. Me, I avoided taking out a home equity loan to build an underground bowling alley. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who bought too much house with some financial instrument based on alchemic jiggery-pokery.

Lileks understands how evolution works:

There has to be a good evolutionary reason why we don’t remember our life when we’re six, but I can’t think of it. Perhaps the brain is designed to make us forget the trauma of watching parents or siblings dragged into the bush by tigers, followed by screams and squishy sounds, but given the tiger-free nature of modern life, it’s outlived its purpose.

Lileks understands that his bitch wife has reasons for not letting him move to Arizona like he really, really wants to:

Right now it’s 96 degrees in Scottsdale. At eight PM. I look at that like someone leaving a party early, and hearing someone put on his favorite record, and noting how all the girls just got up to dance. Sigh. It’s not as bad as it could be; I won’t greet winter with the attitude of cat being pushed into a toilet, because I’ll be busy. The days will roll over and along, as they always do. But...Ah, never mind. Here I stay, and I can do no more, to paraphrase that old ink-pot tosser.

Lileks understands what hard work is all about:

So how did I earn my stay on earth today? I got Gnat to the bus, stood outside with the other two parents after the bus left and chatted about Things. Went home, finished one column, wrote another, printed off a spate of stuff, cleaned house, then started the Diner. Finished it later, which is why today feels like Thursday. Took Gnat to choir, and while she ate pizza and watched TV with the other kids I read a Weekly Standard piece about Benedict #16’s speech.

Lileks understands that the foul demon-worshipers of the east are coming for us all, and have even gained a glorious victory in Eastasia:

There’s also a piece on the Islamization of Morocco – another piece of ground, ceded.

Lileks understands.
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