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So, we sure did learn a lot from Friday's polls, didn't we? For one thing, we learned there are actually music geeks on my friends list even more pathetically anal than me. I seriously could probably do another of those polls without thinking hard.

Speaking of pathetically anal, I've been going through and applying tags to my journal entries. There's three problems with it: first, since I've been doing this thing every day for three years, there's a fuckload of entries to tag, and it's taking fucking forever. (Luckily, I have no life.) Second, a lot of the entries from 2005, which I'm doing now, are about my ex, and reading them makes me want to kill myself. And third, it's really boring. But I do it all for you, so you can more easily find entries where I make fun of James Lileks.

Who, today, complains about all the bossy kids at his daughter's school, and bitches that Spanish-speaking students in public schools getting a separate education harkens a return to segregated schools, and allows us a rare glimpse at Mrs. Lileks and why we don't hear about her too much:

I was reminded of something my wife said, which is perhaps one of the more astute pieces of personal criticism she ever levied: why do you have to have an opinion about everything?

In other Jameses-Who-Blog news, Wolcott has a pretty good piece on the aftermath of the Israel-Lebanon war here.
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