Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator


Dear CONsumER,

You con gartulate! Thanks to our rev ierw of your excellent cred_dit, you are have qualitied for a home cormsuner loan. Up to $USD 510726850 immediately is available, please click orn the link below and enter credit card and Social Security Number.


Dear appliant,

You con grautlrate! We have looked at your resume on line and we believe you 'have what" it takes to work for our fast-going company. Join our sales team and there are full beneifits, plus work from home with 401K() and up to $USD 109276489122 the first year and bonsues. Simply scheudle and appointment on line and have credit card and Social Security Number handy!



You congrat!ulate. You have been pre-selencted to take part in a new program of in-0line nvoting. If you would like to vote to elector defeat George W President Bush, click here and your vote will be recoded! All you need is your credit card and Social Security Number to verift your identity.


Dear horny,

We are Asian or possibly eastern European sluts looking for (((((HOT ACTION)))00! We are lonely and honry housewive, MiFLs and co-eds you woudl like to f*ck! Just waiting. For yiuo, . Don't wait, covver is in your sweet tasting sprem now! Click berlow for abslooutyel free hotsex with credit card and Social Security Number.


Dear small local businessman,

Have you ever worried about your investment being jeopardized by fire, tornadoes, flooding, or powerfully built ethnic minorities armed with sacks of honey? Our family business can protect you against all those things. It's a special kind of insurance that offers "protection" against a wide range of things someone might be plotting against you. Simply log onto with your credit card and Social Security number, and you're only steps away from the kind of security only groups of burly immigrants can provide.


Dear [name],

Please give me money and information for a series of fraudulent activities I wish to carry out. Respond to this e-mail. Credit card and social security numbers only, no questions please.
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