Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Thanks for liberating the coloreds, now fuck off

Pretty much every columnist on Town Hall today celebrates the life and sacrifice of Dr. King by telling us how we should quit letting blacks get into our universities. No, the GOP doesn't have an image problem with minorities! HA HA!

Meanwhile, over in LileksLand, brother James counters charges that he's a demented crank who thinks everything sucks today by pointing out that everything sucked in the 1970s, too. To quote:

"When a certain flavor of nihilistic cynicism starts to taint the debate, anything that smacks of optimism and cheer tastes saccharine and cloying. The clever people would always rather listen to Chumbawamba sing an Iranian mullah's fatwa than hear the Captain and Tenille sing the American Constitution."

If you ask me, Lileks is just saying stuff like this so often lately because he's trying to get people to stop making fun of him. I mean, when you write something like that, you're pretty much parody-proof, you know? But let's take one more look:

"To some, fascism is always on the upsurge, always around the corner. And they always expect it to appear as it did before, wearing black shiny boots, whistling Wagner. They never recognize it when it marches beneath the hammer and sickle, or the crescent moon."

You hear that, you smelly anti-war idiotarian commie hippies? You're supporting fascism!

Anyway. In this rambling essay, where he mentions that his friend the Giant Swede is a bad-ass and that people who like Tolkien are nerds, he actually does talk about how great things are today, but his example is that video games and computer animation are awesome, and movies don't have a point anymore. So I guess this really is the best of all possible worlds!
Tags: lileks watch, politics

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