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It's Old Home Week at the Ludic Log! Yes, due to other commitments (of course I refer to reading "Pogo" comics and watching the same two episodes of Futurama over and over again until the Scotch kicks in), I've been forced to resort to some, er, "gently used material" at my other website. But, hey, unless you're some kind of sick fanatic stalker who reads every word I write -- and that can't be more than 120, 140 of you -- then you may have missed this stuff, and it's new to you! So here goes:

Thursday was the day I did some major renovations to the site*, so I present to you a recycled bit about television shows I have attempted to produce only to encounter bullheaded resistance from the small-minded Philistines at the networks and the insane asylum.

Friday featured an original, albeit brief and crappy, piece wherein two unidentified persons engage in high-larious conversation.

Saturday was lists and sausage, as is every Saturday. Only some of these are regurgitated. (Note to new readers, of which I apparently have some: "sausage", as regards my website, refers not to actual ground meat in casings, but rather a whimsical term for my current reading lists, dining choices, viewing habits, leisure activities, and so on. "Lists" refers to lists.)

Sunday features a link. It's to the Dugout. Goddamn, the Dugout is funny. Except when it's mawkish. Which it is the last week or so. Cut that shit out, the Dugout.

Monday is another exciting installment of "Not Good Enough for Them, But Good Enough for You Theatre". This is where a piece I tried to sell to someone gets rejected (or, in this case, accepted, quite some time ago, and then killed), and rather than being a man and shopping it around some more, I just shrug and dump it in the Ludic Log so I don't have to think of anything new. Anyway, it's about dead jazz musicians.

Today features a short story I wrote a while back and have never been able to find a home for. I always kinda liked this one, so're the first people to see it other than my ex and a handful of editors who don't know quality when it punches them in the sack. Cheers!

*: One of those renovations was a major remake of the Other Writing section of the Ludic Log. If you've ever wanted to spend several days wading through a partial selection of my fiction, humor and freelance writing, including several bits people have actually given me money for, by all means go yourself nuts.
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