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(from "Borat: Cultural Learning...")

Hey, buddy

What the f... is your problem? Everyones make fun of other cultures! So calm the f... down! What you are doing now is proving how much Cohen or Borat(you oughta know him, hes from KZ!) is right, taking the piss out of Eastern Europe. Cos a lot of westerns, including myself have a stereotypical image of Eastern Europe (cheap prostitues and 20 years behind), which we love to joke about, ALTHOUGH we all know its not true! Get it?

So maybe you should not watch comedies. Cos what they do is joke about people...

We all know that your country is A LOT different to what we see in Borat...Right?

hehe....Im going!

(from "The Santa Clause 3")

weasleygirl86: They had a behind the scenes thing earlier in the year and it showed the cast and Mrs. Claus has a baby bump. And I have seen previews and she's pregnant and in the one commericial it looks like Santa conjures up a baby mobile. Why!?!?!

forbidden_love2015: sadly yes she is pregnant i read it today on and i couldnt believe it...i'm completely stumped how this movie will turn out*

(from "Stranger Than Fiction")

MattRookard1: This is exactly the same as a Twilight Zone episode where someone is writing this guys life. Though he didn't hear voices this is exactly the same.

pol1film: Have you seen this movie yet...I think not. It is NOT exactly like the Twilight Zone episode. Not even close. Why don't you see the movie then comment on how it's exactly alike.

MattRookard1: No, from the preview it seems like this is like the Twilight Zone episode. I doubt you've even seen the Twilight Zone nor know what it is. You try to act smart but you just yourself look stupid... I love people like that.

preachercrawling: From the preview it may seem like that, but it isn't. Like he said, go see the movie, and then bring your opinions to this board.

zengato: I'm sure you love yourself quite often.

MattRookard1: I should have know most Will Ferrel fans are total idiots.

pinkfloydfan73: You sound like an idiot yourself.**

(from "Flags of Our Fathers")

R Orbin: Yah the Japanese did honorable things like murdering no fewer than 369,366 Chinese men, women, and children were and "disposed of" during the rape of Nanking?

or how about the Bataan Death March where the starved and tortured 10,000 American and Filipino P.O.W.'s?

You liberals make me sick!

kanaric1: not every japanese soldier was evil, you must be brainwashed if you think that.


Haha. You need to go back to school.

It's you who are crying like a lib about things that happened over 60 years ago.

You sound like those black folks that keep asking for slave reparations.

Or the illegals that don't acknowledge the border because to them it was wrongfully taken from them.

Or the Hawaiians that want to secede for the same reason.

Or the native tribes in the US that occupy both US and Mexican territory that are letting illegals and who knows who else in.

99% of those who bitch about Japanese 'murders and disposals' are squarely in the 'liberal' camp.

Even the author of 'The Rape of Nanking' was so bitter she killed herself over it.

Man up. You closet libs are funny.

(from "Catch a Fire")

'm a little wary when I saw the trailer with Tim Robbins as the "evil" white South African, as he's in the far left crowd and most likely bought the politically correct Marxist critique of the old South Africa.

Anyhow, to anyone who has actually seen it, is it propaganda, or an even handed depiction? South Africa is now the crime and murder capital of the world, and has a host of other social ills that the old government seemed to control, so what's the deal with this film?

it seems that it's the stereotypical bad white people, sublimly spiritual and humane oppressed non-white parable. That's really popular nowadays.

Whether Robbins played the eeeeeeeevil White Man,or even if he played the one Good White Man(In the fevered,childish view in such films,there's only one or two good Whites in stories like these),he wouldn't do such a film if it showed Whites as being right overall.

For the last 35 years - AT LEAST,now,that Unholywood has churned such one-sided propaganda out.***

*: Seriously, y'all, someone saying they're COMPLETELY STUMPED at how The Santa Clause 3 will end is my favorite thing ever.

**: This conversation is reproduced verbatim.

***: Also, the entirety of the message boards for Death of a President are non-stop political crank hilarity.
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