Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

It was only ink...I think!

manningkrull just got his first tattoo, and it looks pretty sweet in the early stages. I've been thinking, with summer coming, of getting my next piece (which would be my tenth); the last one I got was quite a while ago and I'm getting itchy to proceed with my MASTER PLAN TO COVER MY BODY WITH CRYPTIC LITTLE SYMBOLS.

However, my plan is being stalled by two considerations: first, the fact that I'm a broke-ass motherfucker, and second, the fact that my next tat might be the big backpiece I've wanted to get. Why is that a problem? Well, first of all, it'll cost me a god-awful amount of money. And second of all, it's a quotation from the Q'uran, and I wonder if right now is the best time to be getting that, what with the whole country having gone nuts and all. I trust my tattooist implicity, and I don't think she'd refuse to do it or anything; in fact, I'm sure she'd do a great job. And it's not like anyone would really be able to see it; it'll be on my back, after all, and I'm not in the habit of walking around shirtless, out of respect for the aesthetic sensibilities of others. So my misgivings are probably completely unfounded, and it really all comes down to the money. Maybe I can get a couple of the smaller ones this summer and save up for the big backpiece next year, when things will have settled down a bit (hopefully).

As a bonus, I hereby present the two lamest pieces of flash tattoo art I have ever seen.

1. A scorpion with its pincers full of eyeballs

2. An evil clown holding a dripping, bloody knife and getting fellated by a naked chick, as seen through a window
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