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Why do there have to be puppets like Franklin?

So, I used to collect a lot of little icons. Unfortunately, I've reached my limit on the amount I can use, and I'm not really eager to dump any of the ones I have.

Thus, below the cut for your takin' pleasure, are a bunch of icons from "The Wire", "Deadwood", "Arrested Development", "SCTV" and "Twin Peaks". Lots of them (espcially for "Twin Peaks", a show for which screencaps are hard to come by) ae pretty boring, and I don't know how to do that thing where you put words on them, but hey, they're free.


Tobias Funke

Michael Bluth

G.O.B. Bluth

Byron "Buster" Bluth

George Bluth

Barry Zuckerkorn

J. Walter Weatherman

George-Michael Bluth

John Beard


Stan Sitwell


Gene Parmesan

Steve Holt

Tony Wonder

Bob Loblaw

Larry the Surrogate

Oscar Bluth

Wayne Jarvis

Carl Weathers


Pete Martell

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Leland Palmer

The Man From Another Place

Sheriff Harry S. Truman


Bobby Briggs

James Hurley

Albert Rosenfield

Gordon Cole

Benjamin Horne

Dr. William Hayward

Big Ed Hurley

Deputy Andy Brennan

Deputy Tommy "The Hawk" Hill


Leo Johnson

Jerry Horne

Phillip Jeffries


Harry, the Guy with a Snake on His Face

Tom Monroe

Gerry Todd

Count Floyd

Dr. Tongue

Five Neat Guys

Tex Boil

Jackie Rogers Jr.

Ed Grimley

Johnny LaRue

Bob McKenzie

Doug McKenzie

Bobby Bittman

Woody Tobias Jr. (a.k.a. "Bruno")

Yosh Schmenge

Sid Dithers

Sammy Maudlin

Guy Caballero


Cy Tolliver

Dan Dority

Steve the Drunk

George Hearst


Mayor E.B. Farnum

Whitney Ellsworth

Charlie Utter

A.W. Merrick

Al Swearengen

Silas Adams

"The Nigger General" Samuel Fields

Johnny Burns

Sheriff Seth Bullock


Tom Nuttall

Eddie Sawyer

Doc Cochran

Con Stapleton

Sol Star


Chris Partlow

"Proposition" Joe Stewart

Sen. Clay Davis

Roland "Wee-Bay" Brice

Avon Barksdale

Slim Charles

Omar Little

Sgt. Jay Landsman

Det. Roland "Prez"Pryzbylewski

Maj. Howard "Bunny" Colvin

Sgt. Ellis Carver

Russell "Stringer" Bell

Dennis "Cutty" Wise

Melvin "Cheese" Wagstaff

Brother Mouzone

Preston "Bodie" Broadus

Det. Lester Freamon

Det. William "Bunk" Moreland

Sgt. Thomas "Herk" Hauk

Officer James "Jimmy" McNulty
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