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My iPod doesn't even work and it works better than this

Despite my obvious Mac partisanship, I'm not an Apple evangelist. I think that for most users, PCs give them the functionality they need, and they're willing to put up with more complexity of operation and installation in exchange for lower prices and easier access to a wide range of software. But I honestly do believe, as someone who has worked extensively with an awful lot of Macs and PCs over the years, that Apple products are better designed and more user-friendly.

While the Mac's crash-resistence is overrated (PCs have crashed on me more, but it's not like Macs have never done so), and their resistance to viruses, spyware and other harmful stuff is really just a function of them being less popular, I have never used a piece of Mac software that I didn't have up and running within minutes of installation, and I have never installed a piece of Mac hardware (from printers to digital cameras to mp3 players to CD burners) that wasn't plug-and-play. PCs, on the other hand, have innumerable compatibility issues, security conflicts, driver errors and simple problems with software design that have led me to spend a full day or more installing programs or getting peripherals to work, something I've never had to deal with using a Mac. This isn't me trying to bust on PCs or advocate the use of Macs; I don't care what people use. This is simply my experience.

Anyway, all this leads up to this review, at the generally nonpartisan and always useful Engadget site, of the new Zune, which is Microsoft's attempt to dethrone the iPod as America's leading media player. If this is the typical experience of most buyers -- and some first-hand stories from a couple of my acquaintances tells me it is -- then Apple has nothing to worry about.
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