Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

- I have this theory that the majority of traffic jams are caused by cops. See, cops like to drive really slow, and no one ever wants to pass a cop for fear of getting pulled over, so wherever cops go, there's a line of backed-up traffic behind them. MY THEORY IS CORRECT, YOU DIE NOW

- At least the San Antonio cops have the big, easily-visible light racks on top of their cars, instead of the flat, barely-noticeable ones they use in Minneapolis. That shit is cheating.

- Update on the white compact I park near bearing a "DOING MY PART TO PISS OFF THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT" sticker: it also sports decals depicting Elvis, the US Air Force, and the Texas flag. Because nothing pisses off the Christian right like Texas, Elvis, and supporting the military.

- Boy, this journal sure has been boring lately. Didn't I used to be funny? I didn't? Oh, okay, never mind then.

- In the Boomer generation, a lot of people thought that Richard Nixon would become a sort of universal cultural icon -- that he would live so long that coming generations of innocent children would be exposed to him, and their parents would have to destroy their childhoods by explaining who that awful man was and why he was on TV. Fortunately, Nixon died, but unfortunately, the role has been filled by Henry Kissinger.

- I have been wearing business clothes (that is, dress slacks, an Oxford shirt, and a tie) to work lately even though I don't have to. I think something has gone horribly wrong with me.

- There was a guy on the radio this morning who referred to today (that is, Pearl Harbor Day) as the day America lost its innocence. I have heard other people use this line to refer to the day that Kennedy died, the start of the Civil War, and the Sept. 11th terror attacks. Frankly, I dunno how a country built on a violent revolution, cutthroat capitalist expansion, and the mass slaughter and forced resettlement of Indians could ever have been innocent to begin with, but how many damn times can we have lost that innocence? Does America just collectively forget every few years that bad things sometimes happen? America starts to sound like one of those women who 'reclaim their virginity' after six husbands.
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