Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

Why have I done this? What madness? What foul times?

Everyone in my office is out Christmas shopping. I am stuck here waiting for a delivery person to bring me mark-ups of a picture of a door to stare at. In the meantime, I have written out various quotes from The Cross and the Switchblade with the word "pumpkin" inserted.

LITTLE BO: Five dollars is this chick's top dollar. For that you get two joints of marijuana, her pumpkin and two bits change.


PUMPKIN: Hey! My name's in the Bible! Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Pumpkin! Pumpkin! I'm pratically on every page!


ROSA: Hey, Preach, this god of yours...what's he gonna do for me? I'm a mainliner. You know, the hot stuff. Pumpkins! A whole mountain of snow white. That's heaven. What have you got? huh?


BIG CAT: Tell me, pumpkin. This God of yours...does he rumble?

DAVID: Yeah. Yeah, he rumbles. He's fighting for you right now.


LAWYER: What makes you think they will let these kids go?

DAVID: I've got a whole church back in Pumpkinsburg praying for them.

LAWYER: Well, they'd better be praying, because the D.A. will burn those creeps!


LITTLE BO: This turf belongs to the AAAGP. They don't rumble anyhow, they just freak out.

DAVID: What's the AAAGP?

LITTLE BO: That's the 'American Association for the Advancement of Gangs and Pumpkins'.


NICKY: What's the matter with me? Why does he have to pick on me?

ISRAEL: Because you're the worst. Craziest pumpkin there is. If he can reach you, he can reach anybody.


BIG CAT: When all your worst plans are made, you'd best sign up for Medicaid.

ISRAEL: You'd better forget about Medicaid and start saving for your pumpkin!


NICKY: You come near me and I'll kill you!

DAVID: Yeah, you could do that. You could cut me up into a thousand pumpkins and lay them in the street, and every piece will still love you.


DAVID: You wouldn't be afraid to shake hands with a skinny pumpkin, would you?


DELANO: You've been working with a bad bunch of pumpkins, and you've got them smiling!
Tags: junk, laffs

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