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Top, top, top of the box

Everyone knows how much I love the IMDB message boards, particularly when Lileks isn't particularly offensive and Town Hall's website is down. All you have to do is click, and you can be exposed to unending delights as the dumbest people on the internet log in to yell at each other. You don't even have to search for it: just click on any of the week's top-grossing movies, and learn how cheap computers and universal internet access has allowed every brainless screw to make his opinion known to the world.

For instance, with Stomp the Yard, we have white people who are pretending to be black in order to make blacks look dumb getting yelled at by white people who hate blacks and think the white people pretending to be black are actually black:

By: Dumplings 101

am i da only blac guy who hates dis film

i seriously hated da film. 1 of da worst films i seen in my life.

By: joyce-127

I mus truely say that I do not understand why you did not like this film. It was a very good film. Everything comes from something and as black we are dance. Our whole lives we have been dancing from slavery til now. We just reinvent it every time. I don't want anyone to start cursing me out or anything. It's just my opinion. Just like you have yours I have the right to have mines.

By: jeffKondy

How about all the african americans in the "Hizzle" try speaking with proper english :D

By: robosteve

An educated black man? Isn't that an oxymoron?

(And I'm not even gonna get into this thread.)

Or how about this discussion of the Ben Stiller trifle Night at the Museum, which begins with an incomprehensible condemnation of evolution and degrades from there?

By: sagentx2005

Now I am not one to go on rants on things that may seem unimportant, but this really grinds my gears.

Here we have the new trend of the secular world. By working in words like 'evolution' to movie scripts wer are creating a false view of the world that is being force-fed to kids everywhere.

I think there should be a petition to take the lines "who is evolved?" out of the movie. It is not surprising that such a line was spoken by someone as liberal as Robin Williams, but still should not be said. If the views of creationism are being repressed and views of evolution are upheld- then can it really be called "freedom of speech"?

Anyhoo, that is my rant- please let me know your thoughts. I think if we band together and express our views we can make a difference.

Perhaps this one is more to your taste, where a discussion of a Will Smith snoozer called The Pursuit of Happyness becomes a springboard for a discussion of fascism. This one is a real treasure trove of half-assed political rambling; don't miss the guy who thinks he can refute capitalism with the counter-example of "Star Trek"!

By: caisus_britannicus

Are you saying the US is a facisit police state? Aw c'mon I like to make fun of Americans but man Canada is much closer to something like that (I'm really stretching honestly) than even the United States.

I know what you're saying. Enough politics! Enough racism! Can't we just have some random thread subject lines that are hilariously dumb?

Well, how about this one, for Dreamgirls?

why does jamie foxx's character die in the end? (possible SPOILER)

Or this one, for Children of Men?

My Sister Said This Movie Sucked

(That one goes on to read:

Well, I've been seein commericals for this and want to see it. Then my little brother told me that my sister saw it. I asked her about it and she told me that this movie sucks real bad. I don't know if the guy she went with thought it sucked. Is there any truth to what she's saying?

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