Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator (ludickid) wrote,
Gun-totin', Chronic-smokin' Hearse Initiator

You know who loves these diary entries? NO ONE

- Lileks today is so all-over-the-map cranky I'm not even gonna touch him. You guys go ahead, get your hands dirty, I have work to do.

- Speaking of which, you will rarely hear me complain about anything related to freelancing, because hey, it's paid writing work, and you know I love that doremus. I'm even getting my business cards finally, and they say, right on there, "I write things for money". But my work-work, my day job, has been ridiculously busy lately, and when you combine it with the fact that I get home and have to put in about 6 hours on blog, High Hat, music reviews, trade pieces, and other freelance work, I'm getting that burnt-out, unhealthy two-full-time-jobs feeling.

On the other hand, anyone who actually DOES have two real full-time jobs will no doubt be laughing bitterly at my soft-ass ways. Also, the minute freelancing hits a dry patch, which it always does, I'll be right back here whining and complaining about being broke and wishing to hell I could get some more writing work, so feel free to just go ahead and say now that I am a big fat hypocrite. For now, I'll just have to cut back on something to carve out more time; it won't be my girlfriend or a social life, since I don't have either, and it won't be drinking, because, honestly, who's kidding who? I'm sure I'll just curtail something that's unproductive, wasteful and bad for me, like excercise, sleep or therapy.

- One of the upsides of all this freelancing, though, is that I can finally splurge on stuff like trying to buy things on eBay. I say "trying" because I am the worst eBay shopper in the world, having failed to master the art of having my whole life revolve around checking in on my auctions five minutes before they end. Thus, I'm constantly being sniped out of the stuff I want. Also, I tell myself I'm "thrifty", because I won't bid on stuff that goes over a certain price, but like as not I just buy these things at full price from Amazon if I don't win the auction, so there you have it: further proof that I suck. I'm even contemplating buying an Apple laptop on eBay, but I'm hindered by the high number of low prices, at which my brain keeps coughing up the truism that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. On the other hand, I'm still getting tons of good results out of Paperback Swap, and would be enjoying Freecycle more if they didn't always offer stuff like Homer gets out of the Springfield Shopper in the trampoline episode ("Homer, please don't bring home any more soiled mattresses").

- Resolved: Harry Knowles has absolutely no right to be famous. This is what the internet has wrought: a gross, sex-obsessed fanboy toad no better than Comic Book Shop Guy has been elevated to the level of a Caesar. It's WRONG, I tell you.

- donutresuscitat has brought to my attention that the conglomeration of G.O.P. nerds at National Review's "The Corner" blog have actually taken to using 'Remember Valencia' as a spur-on-the-troops slogan in our War on Global Terror. The reference is to the bogue destruction of the California suburb via suitcase-bomb on 24, and to me, is illustrative of what a goddamn dreamworld these pud-pulling fearwallahs are living in. Even in the superattenuated anti-Commie hysteria Golden Age of Ronald Reagan, you didn't have a bunch of douchebags going around yelling "Remember Lawrence, Kansas" at the Marines.
Tags: crankery, diary, politics

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